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What are the Benefits of Boarding School?

While not the educational norm for Americans, boarding schools facilitate opportunities for students to excel in numerous facets of life: athletics, academics, arts, and more. Such places are not exclusive to wealthy, privileged families in gated communities. Indeed, Massanutten Military Academy is a military boarding school wherein cadets with diverse backgrounds and beliefs receive a challenging curriculum, encouragement for personal growth, and smaller class sizes for personalized education.

At Massanutten, we prioritize cadets’ well-being, success, and character development. Our secondary education program for Roanoke, VA, students produces well-rounded young men and women who depart our institution for a lifetime of inspiring others and forging new paths. If you’re interested in the benefits of a military school education for your child, fill out our inquiry form or call (540) 459-2167 today.

Below, we highlight the benefits of a military boarding school for your child:

Challenging Academics

Challenges motivate development. Therefore, Massanutten challenges cadets in class and extracurriculars. Boarding school academics are known for greater rigor than private or public schools due to their immersive educational experience. In addition to a core curriculum, many boarding schools incorporate STEM courses as well as college counseling and prep, encouraging students to shoot high and strive for growth in all areas of their academics.

A Holistic Learning Environment

An approach that seeks to educate the whole individual, holistic learning offers a fresh perspective on instructional techniques. Boarding schools embody this approach by having cadets learn in the context of real-world scenarios, preparing them for the complex application of knowledge in life after schooling.

For instance, Massanutten encourages cadets to develop their character, find confidence, and become leaders through our JROTC program (which all high schoolers take). Doing so widens their capacity to problem-solve and gain critical-thinking skills for success.

Living away from home also encourages students to assume responsibility for their education. They learn time management, effective communication, work ethic, and socializing capacities better than their private- and public-school counterparts. Massanutten instructors, coaches, and administrators aid these practices. 

Small Class Sizes

Smaller class sizes result in better grades and personalized education for every student. Boarding schools tend to have small class populations, which allows teachers to work 1:1 with students to prioritize their learning needs. Larger class sizes can lead to students feeling lost in the crowd, left behind, and overwhelmed.

Students who can interact heavily with their peers and instructors engage with the material and establish healthy relationships with like-minded individuals. Moreover, they feel more comfortable and confident sharing their opinion and participating. Massanutten has a 10:1 student-faculty ratio, which helps every cadet feel heard.

Learner-Centered Education

An approach to learning that places students in active roles and teachers in a position of guidance and mentorship, Massanutten practices learner-centered education. We believe this approach fosters a new generation of leaders and critical thinkers.

The tenets of learner-centered education are:
  1. Competency-based: Lessons encourage students to demonstrate that they have mastered certain subjects or can apply knowledge to unfamiliar scenarios rather than memorize information.
  2. Personalization: The learning process is tailored to each student’s needs and passions.
  3. Social embedding: Students share connections and experiences in a learning community.
  4. Open-walled: Learning environments need not always be in classrooms—they can exist anywhere at any time, even online!
  5. Learner agency: Learner-centered students are given more say in their education than those in traditional education.

Wide Array of Extracurriculars

Boarding schools offer diverse arts, STEM, and athletic programs to motivate students to find new hobbies and channel their passions. After all, a well-rounded individual focuses on more than academics!

Massanutten’s thriving JROTC, seasonal sports, and arts programs help create our school’s culture! Our cadets always have something to get involved in, where they can meet new friends and mentors. Students can discover new interests through our clubs and activities and pursue hobbies they may not be able to otherwise.

Discover a Military Boarding School For Your Child in Roanoke, VA!

Massanutten ranks as one of Virginia's top private military boarding schools, providing advanced education to students grades 5-12. We proudly integrate top-notch academics with character development to create cadets who will succeed in life after high school and inspire young minds to go above and beyond. Students in Roanoke, VA, can apply to our rolling admissions system and learn more about our mission by calling (540) 459-2167.
You know your child can do more but is not getting the attention needed in their current environment to reach their full potential. We know that choosing the right school for your child can be difficult because each child is so unique. We believe students should experience school as it should be, a place where children are educated in an environment that leads them to thrive and encourages their maximum potential.
Massanutten Military Academy is a co-educational, non-profit military boarding and day school in Virginia for students in 8th-12th grades with post graduate studies. We welcome all faiths and live by our motto: Non Nobis Solum (Not For Ourselves Alone).

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