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Massanutten Military Academy

The next registration date for the 2020-2021 School Year is November 2nd! Contact the Admissions Team today to register your child.

We guide students to success through character development, superior academics, and leadership training.
We've created a safe learning environment for your child!
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Hear from Massanutten Military Academy Cadets and Parents

How Do We Elevate Your Child To Success?


Massanutten is for students who ...

  • Want a small school setting
  • Desire greater academic achievement
  • Are not challenged in current school
  • Need motivation and stability
  • Desire meaningful friendships
  • Wish for positive mentors
  • Need guidance with self-discipline
  • Want a better athletic opportunity
  • Spend too much time online/on phone
  • Crave more leadership opportunities
  • Want to stand out on college applications
  • Have been or are currently being bullied

What Makes Massanutten Military Academy Different?

You know your child can do more but isn't getting the attention needed in their current environment to reach their full potential. We know that choosing the right school for your child can be difficult because each child is so unique. We believe students should experience school as it should be, a place where children are educated in an environment that leads them to thrive and encourages their maximum potential.

At Massanutten, we understand how frustrating it can be to know your child can do better but doesn't have the support they need to elevate their success. We have a 10:1 student-faculty ratio and have been developing young, respectful leaders for over 100 years. Our students not only change their lives but all are accepted to college and earn on-average $90,000 in college scholarships each year.

Berkeley University of California

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cornell University

Penn State

The Citadel

Virginia Tech

Virginia Military Institute

Texas A & M

George Mason University

University of Maryland

Norwich University


How Can You Begin Your Child's Path To Success?

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Top 5 Things Parents Can Do
Now to Help Their Children Succeed

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