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Massanutten Military Academy

MMA Students
We guide students to success through character development, superior academics, and leadership training.
MMA Students
Now Enrolling 5th - 12th Grades
Now Enrolling 5th - 12th Grades
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Massanutten is for students who ...

  • Want a small school setting
  • Desire greater academic achievement
  • Are not challenged in current school
  • Need motivation and stability
  • Desire meaningful friendships
  • Wish for positive mentors
  • Need guidance with self-discipline
  • Want a better athletic opportunity
  • Spend too much time online/on phone
  • Crave more leadership opportunities
  • Want to stand out on college applications
  • Have been or are currently being bullied

What Makes Massanutten Military Academy Different?

You know your child can do more but isn't getting the attention needed in their current environment to reach their full potential. We know that choosing the right school for your child can be difficult because each child is so unique. We believe students should experience school as it should be, a place where children are educated in an environment that leads them to thrive and encourages their maximum potential.

At Massanutten, we understand how frustrating it can be to know your child can do better but doesn't have the support they need to elevate their success. We have a 12:1 student-faculty ratio and have been developing young, respectful leaders for over 100 years. Our students not only change their lives but all are accepted to college and earn on-average $90,000 in college scholarships each year.

How Do We Elevate Your Child To Success?

How Can You Begin Your Child's Path To Success?

"My son LOVES it there and he is becoming the young man I so desperately hoped he would."

Massanutten Military Academy is absolutely the best decision I could have made for my son entering the 6th grade. I was terrified and had my hesitations because it was not only something completely new to us but it was also over 800 miles from home. My son had already been accepted into 3 other wonderful boarding schools but I was still uneasy about this decision. Justin Elshafie in the Admissions Department at MMA really set my mind at ease. I called and texted him many times on his office and cell phones. He answered every question honestly and openly without hesitation and when he was not available other members of the admissions team stepped in and helped immediately. When my son and I visited the campus, we were blown away by how accommodating the staff was since we came over the 4th of July holiday. Justin, along with the other individuals in the Admissions and Business Departments, made the admissions process smooth and comfortable. I knew exactly what to expect and I had their help every step of the way. The admissions team checked up on me regularly via emails and texts to make sure we were good to go on enrollment day, which we were! I highly recommend MMA. My son LOVES it there and he is becoming the young man I so desperately hoped he would.

"There is absolutely no doubt that we made the right choice for our son’s happiness, his current, and his future success."

MMA has been a blessing for family since our son enrolled in the eighth grade this year.

Our son, Cadet Johnson, has ADHD. We worked with our public school system many years, trying to help our son succeed in his academics. His grades were lack-luster at best, despite his scholastic abilities. His friendships were few, and his only real love was band. Classes were typically sized 20-25, and he was able to get lost in the class. It simply wasn’t working for him or us, and none of us were happy.

We finally made the difficult decision to send him to military school for a number of reasons: the smaller class sizes at MMA, the structure that is consistent through the day, and the leadership component that my son was missing in public schools. This wasn’t an easy choice for any of us. We would only see him on weekends. He felt this was a prison sentence, and wasn’t convinced that we were making this choice for his success.

Now his grades are A’s and B’s, as he is one of a small group with no place to be lost. He is learning accountability and responsibility for himself and others, and demonstrating these routinely, both at school and home. He is proud of his accomplishments, and is eager to share what he is engaged in, or show off his military movements (even in the grocery store parking lot!). He has even stated he is happier at MMA than at his former school, which was a real surprise for us, given his initial feelings.

There is absolutely no doubt that we made the right choice for our son’s happiness, his current, and his future success. We are proud of our Colonel!

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