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Massanutten Distance Learning and Hybrid Classes

By fostering a positive learning environment that communicates clear and high expectations for all, Massanutten nurtures relationships and a culture of learning and enables meaningful collaboration across all means of classroom instruction.

This school year has demonstrated the need for in-person and virtual learning options for students.  All students attend classes during regular class time as the instructor is teaching live. The instructor also records the lessons/ class sessions for any students who happen to miss the class due to illness, technology issues, etc. The cadet’s day will remain consistent whether in-person or remote in order to support the executive functioning skills of students while maintaining a coherence of instruction regardless of the student’s setting.

Massanutten has implemented Canvas, an online forum for classes, to meet the needs of all students. Canvas Learning Management System was chosen to achieve equitable high quality instruction for in-person and remote learning while building and maintaining strong relationships with both in-person and remote students.

For students not able to attend in person classes, Canvas is available each day to attend virtually. All teachers host classes on Canvas each day and record lessons for those not able to join during regular class time. Following the lesson or direct instruction, the teacher will stay online so that students will engage in independent practice and engaging learning activities connected to the lesson, and be able to interact with the teacher to ask questions. Students may also collaborate with peers through the use of the online platform and participate in small group.

Students also participate in mentor time, counseling sessions (as needed), physical activity, and academic coaching whether virtual or in-person.

There may be times when all students will be virtual such as during the fall and winter break. Classes will continue through Canvas to ensure continuity of learning.

"I greatly appreciate how quickly you all found the wherewithall to host classes online. I am pleased beyond words that that will continue and my child will continue to grow and be educated."- MMA Parent
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