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How Massanutten Differs from Standard High Schools

A Class in Our Boarding High School in Northern VA

Northern Virginia hosts good schools for all ages. In fact, many people choose to raise a family in this region for that very reason. It’s heartening for parents to know that the school districts they live in offer such great educational opportunities for their children. 

But many parents want more than just a “good” school – they want an exceptional one. And at Massanutten Military Academy, we afford every student a top-notch education, opportunities for character development, and a bright path forward. As a boarding high school in Woodstock, VA, we have daily opportunities to reinforce positive conduct and habits. Plus, our rolling admissions structure allows you to enroll your children at any point in the school year. Reach out and consider joining us today. 

Below, we describe some features that distinguish Massanutten from conventional high schools in the surrounding area: 


First, note that our academy shares common ground with other schools in one regard: accreditations from authorized organizations. However, our prestige begins with our JROTC program, which the US Army Cadet Command recognizes as an Honors Unit with Distinction. Thanks to this, Massanutten can nominate candidates for the US Service Academies. 

Next, our academy’s rigorous academic programs cover middle school (grades 5-8) and high school (grades 9-12) level curricula. In addition to their core classes, students choose one of four STEM tracks. Plus, all students who wish to pursue education after secondary school receive thorough college counseling and prep

Of course, this particular year continues to place stress on parents and students due to COVID-19. For this reason, our campus enforces pandemic safety protocols. Nevertheless, any parent that wishes to keep their children at home can enroll them in our excellent online education

Sports, Activities, and JROTC

But schooling and college prep call for more than just academics. As we know, sports, clubs, and out-of-class activities play crucial roles as well. Thus, all our cadets round out their daily schedules with Massanutten extracurriculars

Our athletic programs include fall, winter, and spring sports (though we cancelled the fall ones this year). Club options include choices that traditional high schools offer as well as some they lack (such as Navy Club and Archery). Lastly, our spiritual development program welcomes cadets of all religious backgrounds. 

But no matter what other activities they participate in, all high school cadets enroll in our JROTC program. This, in addition to a required leadership course, provides the character development inherent to our institution. JROTC teaches cadets several essential life skills including organization, determination, and personal responsibility. 

The Massanutten Advantage

There are other boarding and military schools in Virginia, and they may excel over traditional public schools too. However, we believe that Massanutten sits above these institutions. Our students benefit from the opportunities that can only be found here. 

In addition to providing a renowned JROTC program, Massanutten is also an IB World School. Thus, we offer college courses to our high schoolers. We also have Guaranteed Admissions Agreements with schools including Susquehanna University and Georgia Military College

Finally, we host Summer STAR Programs for students who wish to continue studying over summer breaks. It is one further opportunity that can provide your children with the structure they need for a truly 0utstanding education. 

Massanutten: Virginia’s Premier Boarding High School in Woodstock 

The programs and opportunities listed above boil down to a key takeaway: your children can receive their remarkable education here. Massanutten’s boarding high school environment gives our students the chances that traditional high schools lack. Reach out, ask for a virtual tour, and see if your children would benefit here in Woodstock, VA. Call us at (540) 459-2167 or fill out our inquiry form for more information.

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