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Why We Value Character Development at Massanutten

Military School in Virginia

Part of education’s purpose is to provide young generations with knowledge and skills. Yet our accumulated knowledge also points to the importance of character development in young minds and future citizens. Let’s investigate the importance of character development and how your child can benefit from it at Massanutten Military Academy, a military school in Virginia.

Massanutten’s cadets come from Virginia and beyond to receive an outstanding education that is unavailable elsewhere. We’ve seen firsthand how superior academics in a holistic curriculum and supportive environment can help students on their path toward success. Find out more about Massanutten and call us at (540) 459-2167.

Below, we describe character development’s nature, its importance, and how Massanutten instills it in students:

What Is Character Development?

In literature, character development refers to the process of building a character’s personality, depth, and motivations that move them through a story. In education, character development is also a process that helps students comprehend, care about, and display key ethical ideals, such as leadership, respect, equality, civic virtue, and responsibility. Both personal and communal aspects of character development influence people and can be emphasized in the right environment.

Why Is It Important?

Character development establishes a mindset and habits through which people foster healthy relationships with themselves and others. It is a framework for becoming happy, healthy individuals as well as outstanding citizens.

By developing their character, individuals can support and encourage those around them. Indeed, the principles and behavior of one person can go a long way in creating a healthy community.

Massanutten’s Role in Character Development

Military School in Virginia

Historically, character development was the responsibility of the public school system. Nevertheless, modern public schools often neglect character and treat other topics. Yet our academy has created a special environment with a strong emphasis on character development.

Massanutten pursues learner-centered education, an approach that makes students active in their schooling and puts teachers in positions of guidance and mentorship. This approach gives students the agency to make mistakes, take responsibility, and learn from those mistakes. Our balanced environment allows for trial-and-error and unobtrusive guidance—perfect for active character development.

Moreover, students have the key ingredients for positive character development. Cadets learn the value of community from volunteerism and an equal, supportive social setting. They learn accountability through participation in group projects, team sports, and Army JROTC. They learn respect by earning it from their peers and mentors. Cadets are also motivated through self-discipline, delaying gratification for greater reward, and excellence down the road.

Discover an Outstanding Military School in Virginia

Massanutten Military Academy is a distinguished military school in Virginia. Our curriculum differs from traditional schooling by incorporating a holistic approach to education. Over 120 years, our curriculum has proven its ability to build character in our students. All our students are accepted into college, earning an average of $90,000 in scholarships each year. Learn why Massanutten could be right for your child and contact us at (540) 459-2167.

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