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Historically, Massanutten always had one of most accomplished band programs in the region. Both locally and abroad, they’ve performed at parades, memorial events, civic ceremonies, and fund raisers. Compared to most schools which will have about 10-15% music participation among their student body, 25% of all MMA students study music. This large percentage of membership is due to the high interest of our first year students.

Additionally, MMA provides an opportunity which most high schools do not, the opportunity to learn unique instruments like the bagpipes.



Watercolor, sketching, and painting are a few of the visual art classes offered at the Watkins Fine Arts Center.

Each year several of our students choose to enter their work into assorted competitions in the area. Cadet artists display their work throughout the campus during the year.

Many of the art students volunteer as set designers for our formal dances, drama productions, and other campus activities.

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Radio - WUDS 94.9 - MMA Radio

Radio voice

WUDS 94.9 FM is the academy owned and run radio station. 94.9 is a local station that covers the entire town of Woodstock and will soon be available online for your listening pleasure. WUDS plays great songs from 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. In the future, we plan to offer MMA sports, weather, local news and run pieces run by cadets. WUDS 94.9 has been made possible entirely through donations of time talent and treasure by Board of Trustee Member Pete Wenk. Mr. Wenk is a seasoned radio professional who has shared his passion for radio with MMA.

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