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Rolling Admissions Policy FAQs

Boarding School Virginia

Put simply, a rolling admissions policy describes a school that accepts applications at all times. Furthermore, the school usually releases their admission decisions as it determines them rather than altogether on one date. If you were to apply to such a school, you would receive its decision before those who applied after you. As it turns out, our premier military boarding school in Virginia, Massanutten Military Academy, operates on this policy.

Our academy aims to prepare cadets for lifelong success through holistic education. Structured on military principles, our school’s environment instills pupils with positive values: organization, discipline, independence, and more. Cadets succeed here because they can focus on academics rather than the usual distractions of teenage culture. If you’re interested in the potential of Massanutten, visit our website for information about applying. We’re even enrolling cadets every two weeks!

Below, we respond to some common questions that we receive regarding rolling admissions:

How Does Our Rolling Admissions Policy Work?

A rolling admissions policy affords prospective students greater opportunities to enroll at the school in question. Institutions will set cut-off and start dates for when newly admitted students may begin class. For example, our academy opened enrollment for the 2021-22 school year at the beginning of the summer.

However, we currently have no application deadline for this school year. Nevertheless, we encourage prospective students and interested parents to check our academy’s calendar. Consider how a new student’s arrival fits around other school events. 

The speed that you hear back from a school with rolling admissions depends on several factors. Massanutten, for example, currently registers a new cadet every two weeks. However, the overall waiting period for a prospective student depends on the number of applications in front of theirs.

What’s the Application Process for Massanutten?

Our academy’s application process consists of a few steps, one of which requires some official documents. However, without a deadline looming, you can complete this process at your convenience. In this spirit, we encourage you to book a campus tour to determine whether to enroll your child at Massanutten.

First, you must complete our online application and submit a $50 non-refundable fee. Then, you must submit your child’s academic records for at least the past two years as well as two letters of recommendation from current teachers. Their school should send records directly to us, but please ask its staff to use our School Records Request.

Once we receive these documents, the Admissions Team and Enrollment Review Committee will consider your application. As mentioned above, the time between submission and reply depends on the number of applicants ahead of you. You are welcome to stay in touch with the Admissions Team throughout that time. 

How Does New Cadet Registration and Arrival Work?

If your child is accepted at Massanutten, the new cadet registration process begins. Pre-registration requires that you submit a signed contract and payment, then a current physical and immunization record. Since Covid remains a health factor, we also ask for a vaccination card. 

You’ll also need to fill out a few registration forms and schedule a check-in appointment. While we still offer distance learning and hybrid classes, we plan to hold school in-person this fall. 

Before arriving on campus, new cadets should look over our packing list and haircut requirements. While our large-scale move-in day has already occurred for the fall semester, new cadets will go through all the same screening procedures that their classmates did. 

Apply to Virginia’s Top Military Boarding School

We hope that, in offering rolling admissions, you have an opportunity to join Massanutten Military Academy as soon as possible. Our military boarding school in Virginia offers a bevy of opportunities to our cadets—a challenging curriculum, personal development, clubs, sports, and much more. Give your child the outstanding education that they deserve. Call us at (540) 459-2167 or fill out our inquiry form for more information.

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