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Massanutten Military Academy

Registration & Arriving on Campus

It is time to pre-register for your arrival on campus this fall.  Registration and arrival on campus is as easy as 1, 2, 3!  You will need to complete pre-registration, pay, and pack before you arrive on campus.  Email pre-registration forms, contracts and proof of physical to [email protected]


1. Submit your signed contract AND pay deposit within 5 days of receiving acceptance and contract.

2. Provide a copy of a current physical (within last 12 months) and immunization record. Please note the new vaccination requirements for Hepatitis A, Meningococcal Vaccine and HPV Vaccine listed on the Medical Evaluation and Immunization form.  Contact Danijela Vassic if you have questions at 540-459-0430 or [email protected].

3. Provide a copy of COVID vaccination card.  Students not vaccinated will be required to wear masks when they are indoors.

4. Print, complete and submit the registration forms* by clicking Middle School Registration Packet or High School Registration Packet. *If you get a sports physical, we still need the Medical Evaluation form completed by a doctor for immunizations and prescription medication.

5. Schedule check-in appointment


New cadets will be issued uniforms, socks, school backpack, footlocker, lock, wool blanket, and laundry bag.  New cadets include any cadets who were new summer cadets that are attending MMA for the '21-'22 school year.  No civilian clothes needed.

Returning cadets are expected to bring all uniforms and gear issued prior school year(s).

All cadets need a laptop, scientific calculator and surge protected power bar.  Be sure to review the Required Items list for details. We recommend bringing a clear water bottle.  Do not bring high dollar items/electronics, cash or debit cards.  All cash will be turned into the Business Office.  Do not bring anything not on the list.  Massanutten Military Academy will not be responsible for cash, debit cards or items that are lost or stolen.

If you have questions regarding what to bring, then contact our Quartermaster Jennifer Dick: 540-459-0472 or [email protected]

Male cadets will need to get military haircuts BEFORE arriving on campus.  They will need clipper cut of “1” on the sides and a “2” on the top.



Check-in/move-in days are August 7-8, 2021, between 9:00 – 5:00pm by appointment only.

  • Arrive on campus in North Campus entrance.  Be sure to come during your scheduled appointment time or you will be asked to wait in your car.
  • All cadets will be required to arrive on campus accompanied by at least one parent/guardian.
  • Face masks will be required to be worn in doors for minors/adults without COVID vaccination as mandated by the state of Virginia.
  • Re-enrolling cadets must arrive wearing purple polos over khaki issued uniform.

 Station 1:  Infirmary

  • Health Screening
  • COVID vaccination card (if vaccinated)
  • Turn in Medications

 Station 2:  Hayes Activity Center (HAC)

  • Drug Testing

Urine drug test - please do not stop before you arrive to use the restroom.  Cadets who struggle to urinate will be asked to sit in their car until they are ready.

  • Admissions/Business Office Check-in
  • Computer setup by IT
  • Unload luggage
  • Parent/Guardian say good-bye

Cadets will be moved to barracks once parents depart.


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