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Post Graduate

Post graduate

Why Take a Post-Graduate Year?

The Washington Post suggests that students straight out of high school are often not ready for the rigors of college. Taking an extra year between high school and college can give students a chance to focus on their goals, and that is what we promote here at Massanutten Military Academy.

Through our course offerings, small class sizes, and family-oriented atmosphere we can help you focus on your goals and give you the tools to attain them.

Academic Preparation

MMA offers college-bound high school graduates an additional year of coursework to improve study skills before taking on the demands and independence of college. Postgraduates join the Cadet Corps to become more disciplined and focused and to enhance their transcripts and college applications.

College Credits

Postgraduate cadets are able to take courses for college credit taught by MMA faculty members. PGs improve their writing and math skills and/or take advanced classes to get a jumpstart on freshman year. Online course options are limitless; teachers are ready and able to guide and assist as needed.

Leadership Training

PGs are given the opportunity to rise to position of leadership in the Corps of Cadets. Regardless of their individual goals, all PGs are full members of the Corps of Cadets. MMA provides an outstanding preparation for young men and women considering military college options.

SAT Prep

The Postgraduate students are given the opportunity for instruction on the SAT test to improve their scores.

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