MMA Rifle Triumphs over HMA

Sgt. Gordon Hunter
Last evening, the team finished with a solid win over HMA.  At the conclusion of the first round, the score was close and this coach was beginning to have serious concerns.  However, once again a balanced attack with the top 4 MMA shooters only 14 points apart, MMA prevails 986 to 964.
The Colonels' top four shooters were Zhao, Zenaylova, Chen & Munoz.  Cadet Zhao gave his best performance to date and this year’s highest MMA score at 254! Good for 1st place overall.  Next was cadet Zeynalova coming in 3rd with her best score this year of a 247.  She was tied for 2nd but lost the tie as she shot just 3 points less in the standing position than HMA. 
Cadet Chen shot his season best with a solid 245.  Just one point away from HMA’s 4th place shooter.  Still good for 5th place overall.  Munoz rounded out our top shooters with a 240, 6th overall.  Cadets Foley, Hauter, Gorecki & Tao finished out the scoring with Gorecki and Tao at 12th and 13th place.   
Once again the “lucky charms”, Dr. Skipper and Cadet Franklin were on hand supporting their team.  Many thanks to them.  With the season solidly wrapped up, the Colonels will travel to States next week.  There at FMS, on the 9th it will be a hotly contested shoot off to see who wins bragging rights for the finale.
Massanutten Military Academy is a co-ed non-profit boarding and day school for grades 612.