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4 Signs Your Student Would Benefit from a STEM Program

Every responsible parent wonders about the career path that would suit their child best. As technology advances and influences every aspect of our lives, they may even have considered whether such a field could be their children’s future. At the least, students should receive an education that equips them with the tools necessary to keep up with these changes. A STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education can help them achieve these ends, and an outstanding military school for kids can provide children with an excellent STEM education.
Massanutten Military Academy in Virginia recognizes the importance of providing a well-rounded education that prepares students for their future. Our STEM program helps us achieve this goal, delivering instruction through a learner-centered approach by emphasizing problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and more. For additional information on our STEM curriculum, call (540) 459-2167.
Below, we discuss 4 indicators your student might excel in STEM fields: 

1. They Enjoy Solving Puzzles and Problems

Children who enjoy solving puzzles, riddles, or brain teasers have a knack for logic and critical thinking. These interests attest to a problem-solving mindset as well as spatial reasoning, both of which are invaluable conceptual tools in the STEM fields. 
A STEM program can help students develop and apply their natural skills to real-world problems. The curriculum offers a combination of instruction and hands-on experience in biomedical, engineering, environmental, and computer science fields. This practical approach allows cadets to absorb and exercise new knowledge and abilities.

2. They’re Curious About How Things Work

Children who constantly explore how things work may also have a natural inclination for STEM. Moreover, a natural proficiency for STEM subjects may also appear in the form of past success in math and science classes.
These indicators point to a STEM program as the most logical path forward. Such programming—like Project Lead the Way, which Massanutten uses for its STEM courses—can help them satisfy their curiosity, develop their skills, and stand out on college applications. 

3. They’re Passionate About Technology

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A child or teenager who always keeps up-to-date with the latest technology or tinkers with electronic devices may be demonstrating an interest in STEM fields. The same applies to enjoying video games or working with computers, tablets, or other devices. Alternatively, they may read Popular Mechanics or watch TV shows about significant buildings.
A STEM program can provide an outlet for this interest and help them develop their skills. It also can provide cadets with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in future technology-related careers. 

4. They Show an Interest in Making Things

Finally, a child interested in building things, designing structures, or devising innovative solutions to complex problems shows promise for STEM fields. Further, they may have a natural inclination for art and design. In both cases, they could excel in engineering.
A holistic curriculum can help them combine their artistic and technical skills to apply unique solutions to complex problems. Such a program can give your child the foundational knowledge and skills they need to succeed in an engineering career.

Enroll Your Child in a Military School for Kids in Virginia

If you recognize any of the above signs in your child, we encourage you to regard Massanutten Military Academy as a potential partner in their education. Our comprehensive STEM program provides students with hands-on experience, real-world problem-solving skills, and a deep understanding of STEM concepts. As a Virginia military school for kids, we believe every student has the potential to succeed, and our STEM program helps them do just that. Contact us at (540) 459-2167 to learn how we can help your child succeed.
You know your child can do more but isn't getting the attention needed in their current environment to reach their full potential. We know that choosing the right school for your child can be difficult because each child is so unique. We believe students should experience school as it should be, a place where children are educated in an environment that leads them to thrive and encourages their maximum potential.
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