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Music and Fine Arts at Massanutten

Creativity and musical abilities provide great benefits for students’ academic and personal development. They allow students to express themselves productively and teaches them the value of practice and perseverance.

At Massanutten Military Academy, we offer our cadets every opportunity to grow and learn in their own way. This includes our excellent music and arts programs. What makes us the best Virginia boarding school is our dedication to providing a top-quality education to our students. We combine creativity, self-expression, discipline, and academic excellence to create productive and well-rounded individuals.

Below, we discuss the various arts and music programs that we offer to all cadets:


Music classes have numerous benefits for young students, including improved memory, focus, and language proficiency. At Massanutten, we offer fun and engaging music classes, as well as a distinguished band program.

For many years, Massanutten has hosted one of the strongest band programs in the region. Our band has performed at parades, memorial events, civic ceremonies, and fundraisers both locally and abroad.

Our band students have opportunities to grow and express themselves through learning to play an instrument of their choice. They also build interpersonal skills by coordinating with their bandmates, performing in front of a live audience, and attending public events.

Visual Arts

Recent research into the benefits of visual arts education shows that students in art classes show improvement in their academic behavior and abilities. These skills include essentials such as writing organization and critical thinking.

At Massanutten’s Watkins Fine Arts Center, students attend classes where they learn to sketch, draw, paint, and more. As their artistic abilities progress, we encourage them to show their work. Thus, throughout the year, student works are displayed throughout the campus.

In addition, we support students’ efforts to submit their artwork to local competitions around the area. By doing so, they learn how strong their abilities are and how they stand compared to their peers.

Massanutten Military Academy: Top Tier Virginia Boarding School in Woodstock, Virginia

Massanutten Military Academy proudly provides a comprehensive education to all our cadets, one that involves rigorous academics and highly engaging creative activities. That’s how we became the finest Virginia boarding school. Our Music and Fine Arts program provides cadets with unique skills and experiences. They foster students’ interests in their future passions when going into college. They also challenge students’ current ways of thinking and help them approach their studies creatively. Contact us at (540) 459-2167 or fill out our form to learn more about our curriculum and student life.

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