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Four Things Parents Need to Know When Considering Sending Their Child to a Military-Boarding School

“They just need more structure” is a phrase we in the admissions office hear all too often. We receive a wide variety of calls from parents looking for a school like Massanutten that will give their child a strong foundation for their future. The military aspects of Massanutten Military Academy provide structure and stability for the students and ease of mind for their parents. The atmosphere of the school is controlled, the area is safe and students here are able to have some monitored freedom in an environment that is tried and true.

Military Boarding School

Before making the final decision about whether a military-boarding school is the right choice for your child, here are four things parents should know:

A little reinforcement doesn’t hurt. At Massanutten Military Academy, your children will hear from someone else that their bed needs to be made up, their shoes need to be shined and their chores need to be completed. At Massanutten, students quickly learn responsibility and respect, and our summer programs are a great opportunity to introduce your child to this environment.

Your child can do things here that they can’t do in other schools. Students will learn skills that many of their peers won’t learn until they go to college. At Massanutten, they have to learn discipline, self-control, and how to be accountable for themselves, skills that will help them throughout their lives.

Your child will build bonds. The relationships your child builds in an environment like Massanutten are strong, life-long and meaningful. By sending your child here, you are broadening their worldview as they will meet other students from around the world and grow as individuals together.

Your child will not get lost in the shuffle. Our small class sizes allow teachers to work closely with individual students and connect in impactful ways. Our teachers are actively engaged with students, assessing each need and finding their unique gifts to help students reach their full potential.
A great way to explore the option of military school is through a summer program like the ones we offer here at Massanutten Military Academy. Our summer programs are a great opportunity for both students and parents to explore the all positive aspects of attending Massanutten Military Academy. Learn more about the summer programs here or visit our website (www.militaryschool.com) to apply today!

Written in part by staff member Julie Melrose. Julie is a former enlisted Airmen with the Airforce, the Admissions Coordinator at Massanutten Military Academy, and has two children, both of which have participated in the summer programs here.

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