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ESL Programs and Policies at Massanutten

Northern VA international military school

As an international school, we understand that cultural and language differences between  countries are vast. Due to this, ESL programs are essential in integrating immigrants into American society, as it helps them learn more about American culture. Introducing your child to an unfamiliar culture gives them the opportunity to become more confident and comfortable before they attend university. Massanutten Military Academy welcomes all students into our international military school in Northern Virginia and helps them gain familiarity with our campus culture, as well as the English language. Below are a few benefits in enrolling your student into our ESL program.

No Tests Required

Massanutten knows how hard it can be to adapt to a different culture from your own. Our ESL program does not require any testing, and we will work together with your cadet on their English proficiency so that they can learn what’s expected of them as they move forward in their academic and professional career.

Get a Headstart On Your Education

From grade 6 to 12, and even during their post-graduate year, we offer our cadets a chance to start earning college credit as these continue to improve their English skills. Providing this along with our guaranteed acceptance with select colleges boosts our cadets’ chances in furthering their educational experience.

Rolling Admissions

Massanutten also offers rolling admissions, which means that students are able to enroll at any time during the academic school year. Rolling admissions allows you and your student to establish residency or to obtain your visas and other important documents you may need.

On-Campus Boarding

Being in a foreign country can feel discomforting and searching for decent housing for your student may seem troubling at times. However, our on-campus boarding solves this by providing a place where our students and faculty can empathize with your cadet’s unfamiliarity with their new learning environment and gives them a safe place to settle in while they learn and acclimate.

Massanutten Military Academy: Top International Military School in Northern Virginia

Our inclusive international military school relates and sympathizes with students who are new to American culture. Moving beyond the many tests and written applications that some schools require students to take before admission, Massanutten Military School works with your student at any level to improve their English skills during their academic year. We continue to strengthen your student’s academic knowledge and skill while also providing intensive English instruction in order to prepare them to be citizens of the world. If you are interested, contact our Admissions Office at (540) 459-2167 today to request more information.


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