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Why I Give to Massanutten Military Academy
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Why I Give to Massanutten Military Academy
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"I have so many reasons for giving back to MMA, and some are selfish! Some of my most special memories are those from my time as a cadet. The friendships I forged, the life lessons I learned, and the experiences I had all helped to shape me as a person.

I’m motivated to give back as a way to honor my parents who worked hard and provided me with so many opportunities. Their willingness in allowing me to attend MMA is something I have always been grateful for and giving back is one of the ways I continue to acknowledge their generosity and their belief in me.

I have always believed that a quality education has the ability to change a young persons life. Over the years, I have witnessed the commitment to academic excellence that our faculty and staff work hard to provide our students. Giving back is easy when you are watching so many others give of themselves in so many valuable ways, all in an effort to positively impact a young persons life. The best reason for giving back is for the sheer enjoyment of getting to know our cadets and watching them become successful young people that are prepared and ready to meet their next life chapter!"

-Melody Leverett Hutsell '79

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"I know from personal experience that the programing can be very effective in helping a young person prepare for a bright future. When I was a cadet it helped build my self confidence.  The military structure gives a reward structure, if you will, that if you do well, you get rewarded with increased rank and the rewards that come with it.  Seeing young people flourish in this atmosphere is very rewarding and gratifying for me.  It drives me to want to do more."

-Daniel Watkins '68

man in uniform and woman seated at table"Massanutten Military Academy is an integral part of the Woodstock community and represents what is good and right in an ever changing world. Our core values and mission are driven by the need to help shape the youth of today into outstanding leaders and citizens.

I donate to give back to the school that shaped my child into what he is today. During his time at MMA, he learned how to lead and serve others. 
I also donate because I believe in MMA. I see the difference it makes in the lives of our cadets and their families."

-Kim Elshafie-Layman, Head of School 

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"I’ve stated many, many times that MMA changed my life.  I grew up. I matured.  I realized and accepted that only YOU can make the difference in where YOU are going.  I still use those learned principles to this day.   MMA made me who I am today.  I graduated with honors from college, obtaining a Masters Degree, credits toward my PhD., developed a successful business career and was elected to lead a fraternal group of 14,000 men, being the third youngest (in the 140 years of existence) to hold the position of CEO of The Syria Shrine of Pittsburgh and Hospital Board of Directors for the Erie and Cincinnati Shriners Hospitals for Children. I’ve also been honored to receive numerous accolades and recognition from charitable and government organizations over the years.  Leadership, confidence, drive, setting goals and working to make them happen, were all instilled in me from MMA. I have used those skills every day and they are the reasons for my success."

-Kent Kretzler ‘69

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