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Massanutten Military Academy

Diversity at Massanutten Military Academy

Many things set Massanutten Military Academy apart from other schools, from discipline to education. One unique factor that Massanutten can offer your child is the aspect of diversity. While many schools claim they are “diverse”, MMA stands by that declaration.

A Culturally Diverse Learning Environment
MMA hails students from around the country, and the world. Our student body comes from various states, regions, countries, and cultures. These students’ distinct backgrounds give other MMA students the chance to interact with people they would have never met in typical school experiences. The exposure to different backgrounds, cultural beliefs, and upbringings is beneficial to our students and fosters an open-minded and positive environment among the entire student body.

Massanutten is Not Just for Males
Only two out of the six VA military schools offer co-ed enrollment. We pride ourselves in increasing opportunities for females through the military academy experience. By choosing a military school for your daughter, you are offering her a chance to receive an education and leadership skills that last a lifetime. Between our highly esteemed staff and our small class sizes, the Massanutten learning environment is unmatched. Young women have the chance to keep up a tradition of attending military school while learning critical leadership skills. The experience offers more discipline than a public school education, as well as the preparation needed if your daughter is considering a future career in the military. Our students agree, military school doesn’t just prepare one for academic endeavors, but for life.

Whether you are seeking a diverse setting for your child’s education, or you would like your daughter to receive the experience that only a military school can provide, look no further than Massanutten Military Academy.

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