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Massanutten Military Academy

Faculty Spotlight: Mr. Mike Costello

Sports can be much more than just fun and games to some people, such as Massanutten Military Academy’s athletic director and librarian Mike Costello.             Like any great athlete, Costello’s numbers are impressive: this school year marks his 31st year in education, his 29th as an athletic administrator and will be his 11 year at…

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The Cadet Experience at Massanutten

Massanutten Military Academy:Best military school for kids

Public schools offer a number of experiences that are embedded in our country’s culture, such as dances, festivals, sports games, and many others that are integral to the social lives of their students. From middle school to high school, Massanutten Military Academy provides those same experiences to your student, while also incorporating opportunities for developing…

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Faculty Spotlight: Mrs. Sarah Treese

One of the most visible faculty members on campus has added a new role to her list of duties after Massanutten Military Academy’s Head of School Kim Elshafie-Layman announced Sarah Treese’s promotion to Assistant Academic Dean earlier this month. “She has already been performing many duties, but I wanted to officially announce that Sarah Treese…

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Homecoming 2019 Recap

Alumni, family, and friends filled the campus this past weekend as Massanutten Military Academy enjoyed the largest turnout for Homecoming weekend in years to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the school! The festivities began on Friday with a students vs. faculty kickball game. The students rotated each inning so that as many cadets could participate…

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Military vs. Public School

military boarding school Northern VA

While also facilitating structure and discipline, military boarding schools are institutions where students are encouraged to be the best version of themselves. It’s an environment where they are educated to grow into model citizens and leaders that have acquired the necessary skills to thrive in their academic and social life. As traditional public schools are…

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