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Massanutten Military Academy

Cadet Travel 

Weekends at MMA provide more independence and flexibility than during the week. Cadets are provided with some time to enjoy being around their fellow cadets and experience some of the additional opportunities MMA has to offer. Some weekends are "open" and allow for you to return home to visit family. Other weekends are "closed" and you must remain on campus. On closed weekends, you may be involved on campus with your athletic teams, military parades, other school events, or a growing list of community service projects. These dates generally are set at the beginning of the year so you have plenty of time to plan your trips.
Off-campus activities are planned throughout the year. The cost of transportation and admission is an additional expense. Please refer to the school calendar throughout the term for updates.

Cadet Leave Policy and Procedure

If you are a cadet in good standing you may be eligible for Off-Campus Leave during the school year. This does not refer to All-School Furloughs. Off-Campus Leave refers to weekends during the school year where the cadet corps as a whole is still on campus. Weekends are identified as open or closed.

Only open weekends may be used for Campus Leave.

Please consult the school year calendar while scheduling your weekends away from MMA.

  • Leave Request Forms must be received by Jennifer Dick in the Commandant's Office by Tuesday at 7:45 pm. As of September 2015 electronic forms will not be accepted. Forms are available in the Commandant's Office.
  • Academic Clearance is needed if leave is requested during the academic day. This is located on the back of the Leave Request Form.
  • Parents need to contact Jennifer Dick, 540-459-0465, for all leave requests!
  • For transportation needs please email: [email protected]
  • Weekend Leave begins on Friday following sports at 5:30 pm and ends that Sunday at 7:00 pm.
  • Cadets may leave with their own parents or adults with permission on file.
  • Cadets will sign out at the Commandant's Office (Male Cadets) and Warehime Dormitory (Female Cadets).


Travel Procedures

Furlough are the times of year where all cadets go on break: Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break.
All arrival and departure requests must be submitted to [email protected] prior to the date of arrival or departure so that plans can be made to pick up or drop off your cadet. Furlough will begin at 12:00 PM on the first day listed below and cadets are to return prior to 7:00 PM on the last day.

Please provide the following information in your correspondence to [email protected]

  1. Cadet's Name
  2. Airport or Bus Station (Please note that only Dulles International and Union Station are serviced by the MMA Shuttle)
  3. Cell Phone Number of the Cadet (This will be used to connect them to the driver)
  4. Name of the Bus, Train, or Airplane Service
  5. Destination of EACH phase of your Cadet's Travel Itinerary
  6. Date and Times of Departure and Arrival for All Carriers
  7. If you will be transporting your child, please send us that information via email as well.
  8. If your child is traveling as an Unaccompanied Minor, arrangements must be made with [email protected] at least 14 days prior to travel

Please note:

  • Parents are not allowed on the shuttle
  • This service is for the cadet and two pieces of luggage ONLY.
  • The shuttle has a fee of $50 per use.

Local Shuttle / Taxi Services

Arrangements with taxi services are done directly and not through the school.

Colonial Taxi Service
(540) 333-0109
Dulles $129.00
Regan National $149.00
Union Station $159.00

Loudon Cabs
Mike McKenna (owner)
Dulles $180.00
Union Station/Regan National $216.00

Shuttle Wizard
(213) 863-1900
Dulles $200.00
Regan National/Union Station $270.00

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