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5 Reasons Why Kids Need Music & Art Education

Military Middle School Virginia

Although some school systems treat music and art as unnecessary extracurricular activities, these subjects are crucial to children’s development and overall well-being. They strengthen creativity and self-expression, foster cognitive and social skills, and provide a sense of accomplishment and relief. Students must have access to these activities to achieve holistic growth and development, and a military middle school campus can provide your child with a well-rounded educational experience.

Massanutten Military Academy in Virginia offers a rigorous and comprehensive academic curriculum to middle- and high-school cadets. Moreover, the boarding provisions allow cadets to immerse themselves in art, three athletic seasons, and more activities outside the classroom. From Army JROTC to diverse clubs and extracurriculars, Massanutten offers the facilities and resources cadets need to succeed. For more information, contact us at (540) 459-2167.

Below, we discuss why music and art are critical parts of children’s education:

1. Spurring Creativity

Most adults have some memories of music and art classes from their primary school days. While these individuals may not have grown up into professional musicians or artists, the exposure to music and art helped stimulate their creativity and self-expression. These activities remain on curricula for the same reason: allowing children to explore their unique interests and passions, think outside the box, and express themselves creatively. 

Creativity is crucial for problem-solving, synthesizing information, and thinking critically. Practicing music and art teaches children to trust their instincts and ideas, which can lead to increased confidence and self-esteem. Moreover, those who struggle with math or English can channel their energy through the arts.

2. Honing Cognitive Skills

Military Middle School Virginia

Practicing the arts also helps children develop cognitive skills. For example, learning to play a musical instrument involves reading music, understanding rhythm, and coordinating hand movements—all of which require focus and attention. Similarly, creating a work of art involves visualizing an idea, selecting materials, and making decisions about composition and color, which necessitate critical thinking and an ability to express thoughts and feelings.

Thus, art and music develop essential skills for children. They teach students that multiple solutions exist for problems and that everyone has a distinct skill set.

3. Developing Social Skills

Additionally, music and art help children develop social skills. Participating in these activities often involves teamwork and collaboration, both crucial to building healthy relationships. Children can learn to take turns, share ideas, and communicate effectively with their peers. 

They also learn to respect the ideas and opinions of others, a crucial part of developing empathy and understanding. Massanutten cadets learn to work in a team by participating in music and art classes. It’s an invaluable skill for personal and professional settings.

4. Coping with Growing Pains

Music and art have therapeutic benefits as well. They’re excellent tools for coping with stress and emotions, producing a calming effect on the brain. Singing, in particular, promotes comfort and ease. 

Similarly, painting and ceramic work can provide a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem, feelings that are especially beneficial for children who struggle with confidence or self-worth. These classes might operate as informal art therapy, which helps recipients face trauma, growing pains, and other challenges.

5. Preparing for Success

Participating in music and art classes at a young age can help children foster a love of learning that will endure. These students often become lifelong learners, seeking new experiences and challenges as they grow. Their love of education can lead to increased curiosity and a desire to explore new subjects and ideas, which can positively impact children’s overall development and success.

A Well-Rounded Military Middle School in Virginia

The Massanutten Military Academy staff and faculty understand the importance of a comprehensive, balanced education. Therefore, we strive to provide a holistic, immersive military middle school experience to young students in Virginia. Our structured environment teaches young men and women to become better students and citizens. Learn how to provide your child with an excellent education and more by contacting us online or at (540) 459-2167.

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