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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Choosing A Military School

Girl at Woodstock VA Military School for Kids

If your opinion of military school comes from popular media, then you probably have a bleak notion of it. However, the images of drill instructors and delinquent students belie the benefits that such institutions afford young men and women. At every military school for kids, students acquire character development, academic discipline, and lifelong friendships. 

Now, your middle- or high-schooler can enjoy these advantages at Massanutten Military Academy in Woodstock, VA. Our military school for kids operates on a holistic education model, which integrates top-notch academics with personal improvement. Students from around Northern Virginia compose our cadet body, and we accept new ones year-round on our rolling admissions system. 

Below, we outline a few reasons why you should consider choosing military school for your student: 

1. Personal Development

military school for kids in Woodstock VA

Public schools claim that their environment and academic structure encourage maturation. But military schools build character development into their very curricula. This stems from the military belief system at these institutions, which embraces such traits as self-discipline, independence, and honesty. Furthermore, JROTC plays a significant role in the educational structure, a program derived directly from the US military. 

At Massanutten, all high-school aged cadets take JROTC regardless of their other pursuits. The program’s requirements and activities reinforce the character traits mentioned above, and in obtaining them, our students become more self-confident. 

2. Lasting Friendships

students at military school for kids in Woodstock VA

Among its many lessons, the JROTC program instills the value of teamwork, leadership, and organization. To reinforce this, military school students live and work together as units. They must collaborate to keep their quarters clean, maintain strong grades, and complete physical challenges. Friendships blossom in these situations, and students come to value and relate to one another. 

As a boarding school, our academy operates on the structure described above. While only high schoolers must take JROTC, our middle schoolers complete leadership courses to prepare for the high school curriculum.

3. A Focused Atmosphere

Studying at Military School for Kids in Woodstock Virginia

Military schools also develop students’ critical thinking and academic skills. However, their curricula aren’t radically different from public and private schools. Instead, military schools limit access to phones, computers, and social media. As a result, students can focus on their studies and better manage their time. These skills will be invaluable for any higher education or career in students’ futures.

Even as we instill responsibility and self-reliance in them, Massanutten also creates a space for cadets to focus. Nevertheless, we also offer an array of extracurricular activities and events

4. Structured Environment


military school for kids in woodstock va

Daily schedules and limited access to technology produce a structured environment for military school students to flourish in. They appreciate their leaders’ expectations and work to meet those expectations within a set schedule. They also recognize firm rules and boundaries. 

The benefits of Massanutten’s structured environment crop up in a few ways. Students receive personalized attention from their teachers, as our student-to-teacher ratio averages 10:1 or less. Cadets also meet weekly with their mentors and our college counselor if they wish. Within our system, they create healthy habits that will support them for the rest of their lives. 

The Region’s Best Military School for Kids – Located in Woodstock, VA

Before rushing to conclusions about military schools, reach out to Northern Virginia’s very own Massanutten Military Academy. Our military school for kids provides invaluable opportunities for growth and success both in and out of the classroom. We believe that our combination of superior academics and personal development can help students throughout Woodstock, VA. Call us today at (540) 459-2167 or request more information by filling out our online form

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