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3 Ways Massanutten Prepares Cadets for College

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High school students have a lot on their minds: homework, friendships, school-life balance – standard teenage concerns. But outside all of that, they are deciding what comes after high school. At Massanutten Military Academy, many of our cadets eagerly plan to attend college. However, that process can be daunting for both students and their guardians.

Our academy’s mission is to prepare cadets for future success, and that includes success in college. Thus, our curriculum makes college preparation a key tenet. From our academic rigor to the college counseling that cadets receive, we encourage our students toward bright futures. Plus, Massanutten currently holds Guaranteed Admissions Agreements with eight different colleges and universities. Our approach separates us from all other military and public schools in Northern Virginia. 

Here, we provide further insights into how Our Academy prepares cadets for college: 

Military School, Not Boot Camp

First, to be clear, Massanutten is not a boot camp to prepare cadets for the armed forces. Some of our graduates do choose to enlist or enroll in academies like West Point. But, on average, an equal number of them attend four-year universities.

Our military school for teens instills the codes of military life in our students. We embody the principles of discipline, structure, and character in an educational setting. This helps us to develop young men and women into self-sufficient, confident individuals. 

To learn this code, all cadets take JROTC and a leadership course. These experiences help to build friendships and boost cadets’ confidence. We believe that the military’s core principles suit the academic setting and prepare cadets for the rigors of higher education. 

Superior Academics at Massanutten

Along with our basic precepts, our academy also offers practical steps for college prep. To start with, cadets enroll in one of four STEM tracks (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math) to furnish their standard core classes. Our full course catalog also includes Honors, AP, and Dual Enrollment courses. 

In addition, our class sizes remain at about ten students per teacher so that all pupils can receive individual instruction. Plus, we pair every student with a faculty/staff mentor. All students and mentors meet weekly to discuss grades and life at Massanutten. 

Given the complexity of applying for college, cadets receive college counseling throughout their time here. We guide them through the processes of testing, choosing colleges, applying, and deciding which to attend. By planning ahead of time, we break the college search into workable steps.

Opportunities for Graduates

The programs and options outlined above constitute a proactive approach to college prep. However, we remain committed to cadets’ success even after they finish high school. In this spirit, we offer opportunities for postgrads as well. 

First, our academy’s postgraduate year gives college-bound cadets some extra time to sharpen their study skills and discipline. All postgrads join our Cadet Corps and may take courses for college credits, which are taught by Massanutten faculty. This program allows cadets a smooth transition into college studies. 

And, as mentioned above, we hold Guaranteed Admissions Agreements with eight different colleges and universities. As long as a graduate meets an institution’s requirements, they will be admitted. Our graduates that enroll at Susquehanna University will also receive a significant tuition reduction. 

Massanutten: Northern Virginia’s Premier School for College Preparation

Both you and your student have big dreams for the future. What better way to prepare for them than attending an academy designed for college prep? Massanutten Military Academy boasts a uniquely supportive environment for college preparation. We also offer rolling admissions throughout the school year, so your son or daughter can start at any time. Contact us at 540-459-2167 to join Northern Virginia’s finest military school for teens.

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