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3 Tips to Prepare Your Child for Military High School

Military High School Woodstock VA

If you are a parent of a graduating middle school student, you can help them enjoy a successful high school experience. Encourage them to accomplish their middle school goals, identify long-term ambitions, and join extracurricular clubs and teams. Moreover, seek a military high school with experienced staff and ample opportunities to provide your child with an excellent education.

Massanutten Military Academy offers high school students a comprehensive education in Woodstock, VA. We encourage the development of our students in grades 5-12 by providing them with a holistic curriculum. Our mission is to foster their leadership, critical thinking, and innovation to prepare them for a life of success. Contact us at (540) 459-2167 to learn about enrollment.

Below, we outline 3 tips to prepare your child for military high school:

1. Accomplish Middle School Goals

Perhaps the most important preparation for high school is the pursuit of middle school opportunities. Whether or not your student attends our middle school academy, they can still follow the recommendations we outline for our middle school program and enjoy the benefits of doing so.

At Massanutten, all cadets in grades 5-11 take the PSAT in preparation for the SAT and ACT. Practice tests allow students to understand the exam’s format and content. Moreover, the PSAT helps students explore their strengths and weaknesses as they plan their high school coursework.

Also, students should always strive for the highest possible grade in every course. While other schools may not consider middle school grades pertinent to future success, we believe they set a standard for our cadets’ success. Furthermore, high grades allow students to enroll in accelerated courses like AP classes.

2. Identify Long-Term Ambitions

High school presents an opportunity for students to begin curating their academic journey. Help your child identify long-term goals, such as college and career choices, as they approach high school.

Although they may not set their plans, they must explore academic courses, extracurricular activities, and leadership roles that can support their future goals. Our academic advisors challenge students to enroll in courses that will encourage growth.

Students entering their freshman year should also consider which Massanutten diploma they want to work towards. They have the option to seek our standard College Preparatory Diploma or the Advanced Diploma, which comes with additional requirements. 

3. Join Extracurricular Clubs & Teams

Military High School Woodstock VA

A well-rounded high school experience is incomplete without extracurricular activities. Our cadets develop unique skills through sports, clubs, volunteer work, and JROTC programs.

Your child will benefit from planning out their extracurricular commitments for the school year. They can look ahead to determine the options available to them as well as how to prioritize them each season.

We remind our students that they can include extracurricular involvement in their college applications when the time comes. Also, these activities create the opportunity for leadership positions and even scholarships for students who pursue them.

Massanutten Military Academy: An Outstanding Military High School in Woodstock, VA

Consider Massanutten Military Academy for your student. We are a leading co-ed military high school in Woodstock, VA, with a long tradition of academic excellence. Our academy hosts a diverse student body with individuals from around the world. Among our guiding principles is civic-mindedness, which is why we emphasize qualities like service and individual initiative. Contact our Admissions Office today at (540) 459-2167 (Option 1)!

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