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3 Reasons Military School Benefits Middle Schoolers

Military Middle School Woodstock VAMilitary school offers a catalytic learning and developmental experience for students. Military schools have a long tradition of producing skilled, driven, and successful individuals. Young people can acquire these qualities by receiving a middle school education based on the same principles. Character development, academic preparedness, and unique social immersion are all reasons why students benefit from military middle school.

Massanutten Military Academy is a top military school for students in grades 5-12. Our students come from Woodstock, VA, as well as all states in our nation and countries around the world. At Massanutten, we provide an excellent education with a holistic approach to help students become well-rounded. We also emphasize collaboration, critical thinking, and innovation to bring out the individual strengths of each cadet. Contact us today at (540) 459-2167 for more information or to enroll your child.

Below, we discuss 3 reasons why military school benefits middle schoolers:

1. Character Development

Military school epitomizes character development. Indeed, positive qualities shape Massanutten’s chain of command. Our staff members model character for cadets, and our boarding life structure reinforces it daily.

We immerse middle school cadets in our army-based curriculum, which incorporates leadership skills that many public school curricula lack. Our cadets practice qualities like respect and teamwork through our middle school leadership course, a precursor to our JROTC program.

Throughout their time at our academy, middle school cadets also watch the positive examples set by high school students, teachers, and counselors. They show kindness, respect, diligence, and hard work in the classroom, on the field, and around campus.

Massanutten middle schoolers also have the opportunity to develop responsibility. Boarding students must practice responsibility in managing their time and taking initiative, as their parents aren’t there to remind them of homework and activities.

2. Academic Preparedness

Massanutten also offers advanced opportunities for middle school academics. Along with art, band, physical education, foreign language, and core classes, middle schoolers take STEM classes led by Project Lead The Way (PLTW).

These STEM classes expose middle schoolers to technical industries. They include biomedical, computer applications, and robotics courses. Cadets can also take high school-level math according to their placement skills as an additional accelerated learning opportunity.

Massanutten prepares middle schoolers for high school and college through exclusive academic offerings. We conduct the PSAT for cadets in grades 5-8 and encourage middle schoolers to meet with a college counselor to begin making college plans.

3. Unique Social Immersion

Middle school can be a difficult social setting for pre-teens and teens. However, our academy proudly fosters a distinct social environment for our students. Here, they can mature through some of the most defining years of their growth.

We put community, acceptance, and inclusion at the core of our existence. Moreover, we have a diverse, co-ed campus with students from all over the world. Our mission states, ”Not for ourselves alone.”

Cadets at Massanutten learn to celebrate differences while uniting in a shared tradition of civic duty. We offer clubs, athletics, and service organizations for students to get involved.

Massanutten Military Academy: A Leading Military Middle School in Woodstock, VA

Military Middle School Woodstock VA

As you consider the benefits of enrolling your child in a military middle school, remember that Massanutten Military Academy provides cadets from Woodstock, VA, with a refined education. We prepare our cadets for the future with exceptional academics and army-based programs. Middle schoolers transition seamlessly to high school, and later profit from increased acceptance at the nation’s top colleges and universities. Contact us at (540) 459-2167.

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