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Why You Should Send Your Children to Summer School

MMA Summer School

Summer School may sound daunting to most students. Isn’t summer supposed to be a break from school stress? Well, recent studies have actually proven the vast benefits of keeping your child’s mind and body busy with summer programs. According to the Public School Review, sending your children to summer school could improve their test scores overall, boost their social growth, and promote routine and physical activity. Though this is all true, here are some of our best reasons for sending your child to our fun and rewarding summer program:

Gaining resilience and persistence
At first, summer school may not be the happiest phrase your children will hear in their educational career, and it may be an adjustment not having a break. However, keeping your child cognitively and physically occupied during the summer will teach a lesson of resilience and commitment and soon, consistent learning will become normal in your child’s life. There isn’t a summer break in the real world, and learning this lesson early on is beneficial.

Unplug and Get Busy
Summer break can often become a time for watching TV, playing games, staying indoors, and boredom. Boredom is never a good thing. Enrolling in summer school will give your children the chance to refocus their energies into productive and interesting avenues. Though they won’t be in a classroom at all times, at Massanutten Military Academy, we will always have your child learning and engaged.

Become Independent
Our summer programs allow your children to cultivate their independence. Facilitating their learning and giving them the opportunity to explore areas of interest on their own will promote a further independence that’s essential to being successful in life.

Massanutten Military Academy offers fantastic summer programs, specializing in English, Math, History, and Science with elective courses including Art, SAT/ACT Prep, Study Skills, and STEM for grades 9-12. Our summer school programs combine the fun activities of a summer camp with structured classroom learning, all academic courses can transfer with credit to a student’s current school. Promote Character, Leadership, Responsibility, and Service and change your student’s life at Massanutten Military Academy. To learn more or to apply for enrollment, visit www.militaryschool.com.

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