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Why Should Parents Consider a Military Middle School Education?

Most of the 66 military schools in the US serve students in grades 9 through 12, a limitation that frustrates many parents of middle schoolers. Those parents watch their children struggling to find motivation, passion, and connection in their public schools, even without the distractions of a pandemic. Military schools address these issues through rigorous academics, friendship- and team-building activities, and exciting extracurriculars to engage their cadets. Nevertheless, parents have a solution: Virginia’s elite military boarding school for middle schoolers, Massanutten Military Academy.

Our academy takes a comprehensive, holistic approach to education. We provide our cadets with daily opportunities for growth, healthy habits, and overall betterment through our structured programming. As one of the top private schools in Virginia, we boast everything from a competitive JROTC program to exciting athletics and creative arts programs. If you are considering sending your child to a military boarding school, fill out our inquiry form for more information.

Below, we discuss some of the ways that a military middle school could help your child:

Instill Discipline

The recent pandemic forever altered the relationship between students and their education, particularly their grasp of self-discipline. Yet a military boarding school can reincorporate discipline into their lives.

At Massanutten, discipline doesn’t involve a slap on the wrist or a teacher shouting at a cadet. Instead, we create an atmosphere that prioritizes leadership, encourages training, and revolves around specific rules. This climate makes success at Massanutten a product of hard work, persistence, stamina, and time.

Our academy also instills discipline into middle school students who need structure and clear goals. These institutions do not revolve around corporal punishment for troublemakers; on the contrary, such individuals would struggle at Massanutten. Instead, these programs allow cadets to take their studies, peers, and mentors seriously and to prioritize their future.

Introduce Structure

Another aspect that places military boarding schools above conventional high schools is their ability to inject structure into students’ lives. A clear schedule that follows routine steps allows cadets to focus on academics, practice time management in a safe environment, and avoid losing focus due to social media or peer pressure.

Again, military boarding schools do not aim to thrash students into shape. They teach cadets how to balance wants and needs, delay instant gratification for long-term success, and plot their future. Such structure and organization build discipline, reinforcing the framework for rigorous academic, social, and emotional growth in middle school students.

Uncover Passion and Untapped Potential

Military middle schools can uncover cadets’ passions and untapped potential that public schools prevent them from reaching. Students can discover their vocational interests through STEM classes, sports, and arts programs. Plus, military academies encourage friendships and learner-centered academics with JROTC programs.

Massanutten Military Academy provides an environment that inspires cadets to reach their full potential while having fun, making friends, and succeeding in all facets of life. With our challenging curriculum, dedication to character development, and leadership opportunities, we help our cadets look forward to the future with pride and confidence.

Provide Opportunities for Service

Military Boarding School Virginia

JROTC programs cultivate citizenship, character, and leadership development with coursework on civics, geography, global awareness, and more. They’re a fantastic way for students to engage in their studies and apply them to real-world scenarios while allowing them to consider military service.

Massanutten cadets also complete community service projects in the surrounding region. Doing so further emphasizes the importance of engagement and working for the betterment of others.

Offer Strong Curricula

Military boarding schools boast holistic learning environments, which seek to create well-rounded students. The “holistic” lens prompts cadets to see how their actions are one piece of a community effort. Through academics that pique their interest, they have a better idea of what they want their future studies to look like and how they want to change the world.

Massanutten also offers STEM coursework for middle school students so they can explore different fields and career paths. With support from Project Lead the Way, our military school allows cadets to pursue interests beyond the conventional core curriculum. Additional STEM options await them in our high school program.

Explore a Military Boarding School in Northern Virginia!

Military boarding schools are the perfect combination of structure, discipline, fun, and opportunity your child needs to succeed. Massanutten Military Academy in Northern Virginia develops cadets into leaders through rigorous academics and character development. We use a rolling admissions system so new middle and high school students can begin their academic journeys as soon as possible. To learn more about military school education benefits, call (540) 459-2167 or visit our website.

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