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Why Schools Are Encouraging Students to Choose a STEM Program

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Parents and students may be familiar with STEM programs at the high school level, but where do these areas of study lead? Although not new, these industries continue to evolve and grow with numerous opportunities. They offer vast avenues of interest, representation advantages, a positive job outlook, and high-paying careers. Students can determine whether a STEM career is right for them by attending a military school for teens that offers STEM classes. 

Massanutten Military Academy offers such opportunities in Virginia. A top-rated boarding school for grades 5-12, we provide advanced academic options while fostering an inclusive environment. Our students enjoy a community-oriented culture with diverse leadership opportunities and a plethora of extracurriculars. Contact us at (540) 459-2167 to speak with an enrollment advisor

Below, we outline why students may be interested in choosing a STEM program:

Vast Interest Areas

STEM programs encapsulate the sciences, technology, engineering, and math. However, the applications for these fields extend across several other industries. STEM-related career opportunities exist in the music, art, and beauty industries. 

Engineering students with a creative bent might be interested in becoming a Disney Imagineer—a career that combines art and engineering to design imaginative structures like those at theme parks. On the other hand, computer engineers who love music may go into musical machine learning, which uses digital software to optimize music apps.

Representation Advantages

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STEM careers are underrepresented by Black and Hispanic individuals when compared with non-STEM ones. Individuals from these groups can benefit from increased equal opportunity employment in STEM careers. Moreover, increased representation in STEM careers promotes diversity and inclusion.

On the other hand, women comprise almost half of STEM jobs, but their representation is uneven across industries. For example, while women are a majority in the health industry, they represent a minority in the engineering and computer science industries. Industry-related government policies encourage female representation, thus creating more opportunities for women in the STEM workforce.

Positive Job Outlook

STEM jobs maintain an excellent outlook, now and for future job growth. Indeed, STEM-related industries are growing faster than all other industries, thus making STEM undergraduate programs a prosperous option for new college students.

With technology and innovation fueling overall industrial growth, STEM will continue to expand. New graduates may even have the opportunity to pioneer a STEM-based career in a new industry. Moreover, such an outlook supports long-term job growth, including promotional advancement. 

High-Paying Careers

STEM careers pay more than non-STEM careers. Even new STEM graduates have the opportunity to start with an above-average salary. Plus, this sets them up for increased compensation.

Because STEM jobs are in such high demand, they offer better salary competition. Individuals in STEM fields can prove their value and seek high raises, knowing how valuable their jobs are. With such diverse job opportunities, STEM workers can search for competitive salaries across industries.  

Massanutten Military Academy: A Leading Military School for Teens in Virginia

Massanutten Military Academy comprises a robust student body led by supportive teachers and staff. For over a century, our academy has been among Virginia’s leading military schools for teens. Thanks to our strong traditions, our students grow into driven leaders and possess independence and civic-mindedness. Contact us today at (540) 459-2167 to take a tour or enroll.

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