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Why Parents Choose Boarding School For Their Child

Virginia boarding school students

Choosing the best school for your children can be an overwhelming process. So, like many parents, you may first overlook boarding schools for fear of their distance or rigidity. However, boarding schools offer structure & stability, a positive social realm, engaging academics, individualized support for learning challenges, and college preparation. You should consider boarding schools in Virginia if your student is in grades 5-12.

Massanutten Military School is an excellent boarding school in Virginia. Our academy helps students fulfill their potential through character development, leadership, and service. Massanutten strives to instill cadets with a strong sense of independence as well as a commitment to civic duty and academic excellence. Moreover, our culture comprises international diversity for inclusivity. Contact Massanutten at (540)-459-2167.

Below, we outline why parents choose a boarding school for their child:

Structure & Stability

Boarding schools immerse students in their academic and personal endeavors by providing structure and stability. These institutions achieve this through their environments, which emphasize self-discipline and personal achievement. 

Pupils are also surrounded by a community of teachers, staff, and peers who share their goals for growth and excellence. With that support system in place, your student will enjoy their time learning and developing themselves into a well-rounded individual.

Our academy, in particular, fosters a distraction-free environment where cadets can focus on their studies while cultivating their interests and considering their futures. The daily routine at Massanutten empowers students to anticipate and prioritize their responsibilities, making them more organized and accountable. 

Healthy Family Dynamics

A less obvious reason to choose a boarding school is to promote healthy family dynamics. “Standard” schools can strain families and the way they work, especially if both parents are career-focused. Students in such environments may lack facilitation throughout their day, from schoolwork and extracurricular activities to their personal life.

However, a concentrated environment enables students to take responsibility for themselves, prioritize their studies and interests, and seek support when they need it. It also distinguishes school from home, so cadets can shift their focus to spending time with family when they return home for holidays.

A Positive Social Realm

Boarding school students benefit from a culture that embraces individuality and self-esteem. They also foster cultural diversity to bring students from a wide range of backgrounds together and impart a sense of shared unity and belongingness.

We believe that a positive social environment is important to personal development and success. Massanutten students can join several school clubs and activities, including the Literary Magazine Club, Interact Club, and Website Design Club. These groups meet after school, allowing cadets to spend time in our activities center, play games, and get a snack with friends. 

Engaging Academics

Quality academics are central to the boarding school experience. Indeed, Massanutten has an edge in academics thanks to JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs for our students. JROTC combines Common Core State Standards and an Army-based curriculum to teach basic subject matter with an emphasis on civics and leadership.

Our engaging academics are made possible with excellent resources including technology and trained faculty. We emphasize academic content with gaming and hands-on lessons to further engage students.

Individualized Support for Learning Challenges

Boarding students benefit from individualized support when they face learning challenges. At Massanutten, we value small class sizes with 10 students so teachers can focus on each student’s particular learning needs to increase their academic outcomes. 

Also, every cadet is assigned an academic mentor to advise them in their studies and provide guidance towards graduation. After-school academic coaching is also available for students who want extra help in difficult subjects. 

Furthermore, our English as a Second Language program supports non-native English speakers as they transition to an English-based education. We work with them to improve their English proficiency up to a year after graduation.

Preparation for College

Massanutten also prepares students for college with advanced academics, extracurricular opportunities, and scholarships. We encourage all students to meet with the college advisor regularly so they can study their area of interest as early as 9th grade. 

Additionally, our academy offers the PSAT for 5th-9th grades to help them prepare for the SAT. Throughout their time here, students are encouraged to work towards their college goals by maintaining preparatory deadlines and achieving high grades. We offer honors programs and AP courses for advanced learning opportunities.

Massanutten also maintains guaranteed acceptance with several institutions including Bridgewater College, Norwich University, and Georgia Military College. On average, our cadets earn $50,000 in college scholarships.

Massanutten Military Academy: A Boarding School in Virginia for Grades 5-12

Students in a Virginia Boarding School

Massanutten Military Academy is a community-oriented boarding school in Virginia where students can flourish throughout their middle and high school education. At our academy, we inspire collaboration, critical thinking, and innovation to drive our cadets to success. We also seek well-roundedness through superior academics and military training. Students develop pride and ownership over themselves and their roles as citizens. Contact Massanutten today for more information at (540) 459-2167.

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