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Why MMA Requires Team Sports

At Massanutten Military Academy, we believe that athletics play a vital role in the development of every cadet, and are an integral part of their educational experience. By participating in sports, athletes learn the importance of teamwork and how important unity is to reach a common goal. One of the most important lessons learned through participating in sports is that few goals are achieved without hard work and perseverance, just ask MMA post-graduate (Class of 2013) and current 2017 NBA draft pick, Frank Mason!

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We stress excellence here at MMA, and believe the key to success is focusing on the process and not the results. Three core values our cadets learn through participation in sports are: discipline, work ethic, and leadership.

Discipline is a core value at MMA which permeates all phases of cadet life. In athletics, as part of their daily routine, cadets learn discipline in a variety of ways. They learn to manage their time while balancing team travel with academics, as well as the importance of maintaining the Academy’s standards of conduct during games and while travelling. They learn to work as part of a team. Most importantly they learn the correlation between hard work, improvement and success. Discipline is not only crucial to success at MMA, it will help our cadets to be successful in all their future endeavors.

Finally, we believe that our student-athletes learn leadership through athletic participation. Our upperclassmen, under the guidance of our experienced coaching staff, are given opportunities to be team leaders where they can mentor younger cadets and guide them in a variety of life lessons that are often best taught through athletics.

To learn more about our athletic programs and how they assist us in our goal to help your child thrive, visit us online at militaryschool.com.

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