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Why Massanutten?

Strength. Service. Success.
But Not for Ourselves Alone.

Thinking about how much her life has changed since her mother drove her on to campus for the first time, a cadet gets emotional as she looks back on her time at Massanutten, “this school is the right place for everyone.” Rooted in courage, purity, and industry, Massanutten Military Academy helps its cadets develop skills and habits that help them thrive beyond the campus.

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  1. Leadership
    The cadets at Massanutten Military Academy become effective leaders as we help them develop their character with a high sense of morality and ethics. We place emphasis on integrity, honor, respect, discipline and leading by example. It is important that our cadets develop these leadership skills that will help them succeed when they leave this institution and start their careers. Massanutten provides many opportunities for cadets to exercise their leadership and collaboration skills during drills, leadership classes, clubs, athletics, and more.
  2. Academics
    Academics at Massanutten Military Academy are designed to prepare students for collegiate life and beyond. With a full S.T.E.M. program, Honors, AP, and Dual-Enrollment Courses available for students, Massanutten offers cadets endless learning opportunities. For the past two years, Massanutten achieved a 100% College Acceptance rate with cadets being accepted into institutions of higher learning including, Yale, the Citadel, MIT, and James Madison University. Massanutten also has Guaranteed Admissions Agreements in place with Susquehanna University, Norwich University, and Elmhurst College meaning that admission is guaranteed if a student meets the academic requirements, and some institutions offer significant tuition reductions.
  3. Service
    At Massanutten, cadets learn the importance of service. We teach that service in action is about helping others and making personal sacrifices for the greater good. Our motto Non Nobis Solum, which means Not for Ourselves Alone, is at the center of everything that students will learn while attending Massanutten. To put this principle into practice, cadets take part in town activities, church events, and various other volunteer activities.
  4. Structure and Tradition
    Massanutten is rooted in tradition, providing academic and leadership excellence since 1899. By regimenting daily student life we have created an atmosphere of structure. At Massanutten, your cadet will develop a routine which will be the foundation they build their life from. This routine provides a framework for success in both school life and life beyond this institution.
  5. Extra Curricular
    We work to provide our cadets with opportunities outside of the classroom to explore their passions. Offering programs ranging from the arts to athletics, Massanutten has extra-curricular activities for every kind of cadet. Each student is required to participate in an athletic program and Massanutten offers a wide variety of sports to choose from. Some of our athletic programs, including Rifle Team and the Raiders, have specific requirements that cadets must achieve before being considered for the team. Cadets who participate in the arts program can choose from our drama, art, communications, and pipe band electives. Regardless of the extra-curricular programs cadets choose, they will learn sportsmanship, collaboration, and perseverance.

If you want to prepare your child for a lifetime of success, Massanutten Military Academy is the right place to start. Contact us today to schedule a time to visit our campus, meet our staff, and discover the place to that will have a lasting impact on your child’s future.

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