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Why Enroll at Massanutten Military Academy?

Military School in Virginia

Attending Massanutten Military Academy offers many advantages over traditional public schools. For instance, cadets who choose to board here live and learn within an academic environment that encourages self-discipline, character building, and teamwork. Nevertheless, all cadets at Massanutten receive a world-class education, a dedicated faculty, and a bright future. 

Massanutten Military Academy is a renowned military school in Virginia with a long history of excellence and achievement. Our academy provides a rigorous and holistic education, ensuring our cadets grow into well-rounded, lifelong learners and future leaders. For a sure step forward in their education, consider enrolling your student at Massanutten. 

Here, we list several reasons that cadets should enroll with us:   

Low Average Class Size

One of the biggest constraints among public schools is a high student-to-teacher ratio. This condition often results in overwhelmed educators who must discipline overactive or disruptive students. 

On the other hand, Massanutten’s class sizes average at 10 students for every teacher, much lower than most public schools. That allows our faculty to become better acquainted with each student, discovering their learning styles as well as tailoring their lessons to match students’ needs. Teachers can create ideal classroom environments.    

Advanced Curriculum

Additionally, Massanutten provides a more advanced curriculum compared to other schools. Each cadet follows one STEM track, taking classes in Biomedicine, Engineering, Energy and the Environment, or Computer Science. Through our partnership with Project Lead the Way, we have the resources to create STEM courses that are fun, interactive, and informative. 

Also, all students enrolled at our academy take part in our Army JROTC program. By participating, they learn valuable skills in leadership, team-building, communication, responsibility, and critical thinking. This program adds another layer of growth to our cadet experience.  

Furthermore, we offer Honors and AP courses for students seeking to take more challenging and rigorous courses to prepare for higher education. These classes help push students’ limits and encourage them to become engaged academic, deep critical thinkers, and lifelong learners. Our AP courses even provide college credits to students that achieve the requisite scores. 

High Rate of College Admissions

As a result of our excellent curriculum, as well as an environment that encourages self-discipline, as well as academic diligence and achievement, Massanutten has among the highest graduation and college acceptance rates in Virginia.

We also assist students in seeking hiring education by holding guaranteed admissions agreements with several colleges in Virginia and around the country. 

Graduating from our academy guarantees our students an excellent middle and high school education, as well as a high degree of choices in higher education. 

Massanutten Military Academy: Esteemed Military School in Virginia 

Attending Massanutten carries these benefits and more to our students and their families. We seek to continue making our distinguished military school among the best in Virginia and the rest of the country. We are dedicated to providing an advanced curriculum based on personal development and global-mindedness. In addition, many of the additional programs we provide also support developing strong leadership skills, as well as knowledge in STEM and the arts. Contact us at (540) 459-2167 to learn more or fill out our form and apply for the 2021-2022 school year today!

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