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Why ACT/SAT Test Preparation is Important

Military high school test prep Northern VA

With the ACT and SAT testing being postponed due to the difficult circumstances, this is the perfect time for upcoming graduates to prepare. Their scores for both exams are instrumental in getting them accepted to the college of their choice and will help them qualify for various scholarships. To ensure that your child is prepared, we at Massanutten Military Academy highly recommend personalizing your cadet’s studying routine or taking practice tests in advance.

Our main focus is to help guide our students through the process and make their goals attainable. That is why we provide college counseling for all of our distinguished military high school students. Each year in October, we conduct the PSAT to help cadets fully prepare for the SAT and lead a more successful life.

Below are a few reasons why preparing for the ACT and SAT are so important:

Improved Test Scores

If you have already taken the ACT or SAT, you may wish to increase your score or improve in a certain area. When you are preparing for the ACT and SAT, try to have a target score in mind.

Whether you want to increase your score by 30 or 50 points, just make sure it is going to be achievable. You do not want to put too much pressure on yourself when trying to improve your overall scores.

Make sure to set aside time each week to prepare for the test. Instead of trying to cram all of your studying into one night or one week, do it in manageable increments.

Decreased Nervousness

Studying in advance can help relieve stress and combat nervousness. There are many ways to reduce test anxiety, such as:

  • Exercising or playing sports
  • Getting enough rest the night before
  • Drinking plenty of water

The most important thing to remember is that it’s not the end of the world. Give yourself time to study and retake the test a few times before you have to start applying to colleges.

College Acceptance & More Scholarships

There are many factors that determine whether a student gets into the college of their dreams. Your ACT and SAT scores hold a significant amount of weight to secure your admissions.

Test scores affect which college you get into and can help you obtain more scholarships that will help pay for school. Massanutten Military Academy has Guaranteed Admissions Agreements with several college institutions, such as Elmhurst College, which offers 50% tuition reduction for all MMA students that meet the minimum requirements. 

Massanutten Military Academy: Top Military High School in Northern Virginia

Our Academy puts our student’s success and goals at the forefront of our mission. We design individualized academic roadmaps for the best success in college acceptance for students. At Massanutten we offer a Comprehensive Mentor Program that helps guide students through the college process. Each student is paired with a faculty/staff member to meet with once a week to discuss grades and overall quality of life.

For over a hundred years, our prestigious military high school has helped set young people on track to their success through an education that forms them into well-rounded individuals and disciplined leaders.

Contact us at (540) 459-2167 or email [email protected] to learn more about our military high school and enrolling your student for the fall semester.

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