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What Military Schools Teach That Public Schools Don’t

Military School for Kids Ashburn VA

While most people associate military schools with traditional values and discipline, these institutions also teach important skills: respect, good manners, self-discipline, and asking for help. They also stress the necessity of failure in the process of growth and success. Students who wish to achieve academic and personal success should thus enroll at Massanutten’s military school for kids and learn such lessons.

Massanutten Military Academy seeks to help students achieve their full potential by offering a holistic educational approach. Our supportive and personalized environment allows cadets to not only succeed academically but also to grow into well-rounded citizens. Moreover, we are rated as Virginia’s top military school for students in grades 5–12. Don’t put your child’s success on hold; register them at our academy today!

Below, we discuss the unique lessons that military school offers:

Respect Requires Effort

Military School for Kids Ashburn VA

At Massanutten, we value diversity and teach students to respect individuals from all backgrounds. Our student body hails from several states, countries, and cultures. We are honored to host such a rich, diverse environment. 

Exposure to various backgrounds, beliefs, and upbringings teaches students to respect all individuals. It also allows them to foster an open-mindedness to everyone they meet in school and beyond.  

Self-Discipline Improves Productivity

Military school can also motivate children and teenagers to develop healthy habits, including self-discipline, that allow them to lead with confidence. While not emphasized in public schools, self-discipline is a crucial skill at military schools. 

Even middle school students can benefit from self-discipline and develop a strong work ethic. The practice helps students find a balance between their academic routine and their social life, allowing them to accomplish more every day. 

Good Manners Go a Long Way

Furthermore, military schools emphasize the importance of good manners from day one. Doing so not only works alongside respecting others but also illustrates one’s professional skills and compassion.

In addition, good manners leave a strong impression, which will open more doors for military school students in the future.

There’s a Lesson in Every Failure

If our cadets fail at a task, we tell them to find the lesson in it so they can rise above future challenges. While failing doesn’t always feel good, it can force students to reflect and find different approaches to achieve their goals.

Each student’s path to success is unique. Thus, we promote integrity, consistency, self-confidence, and a growth mindset, which can all encourage leadership abilities and discipline.

Asking for Help is Brave

Finally, our academy teaches students the importance of asking for help. We emphasize that success can be achieved through collaboration, which includes pursuing the answers to their questions.

As students learn from our faculty and staff, we also believe that we can learn from our students. Whenever cadets have a tough time, their mentors help them narrow their focus so they can obtain the resources they need to reach the finish line. 

Enroll Your Child in a Military School for Kids!

Massanutten’s faculty and staff help create a supportive and diverse learning environment where students can thrive. As a premier military school for kids, we proudly offer an array of academic programs, including STEM, AP, Honors, and Dual Enrollment classes. No matter what your child’s goals are, we will help guide them with clear roadmaps and mentorship so they can achieve success.

Our academy’s rolling enrollment allows your child to register whenever they are ready—even in the middle of the year! Contact our Admissions Team at (540) 459-2167 (Option 1) to see how we can help.

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