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What Leadership Opportunities are at Massanutten?

Military School in Virginia

The word “leadership” seems bandied around so often that it has lost its luster, obscuring genuine opportunities for its practice. Yet when local schools fail to provide the opportunities that parents or students seek, they look to Massanutten Military Academy and similar institutions. What leadership opportunities does an exceptional military school in Virginia provide? Massanutten fosters leadership qualities in its cadets through JROTC, sports, and clubs. 

A military academy in Virginia with a sterling reputation, Massanutten helps young adults reach their full potential. Our leadership training inspires integrity, self-esteem, and self-discipline through community service, personal responsibility, and accomplishment. To learn more about Massanutten and its offerings, call us at (540) 459-2167.

Below, we describe a few leadership opportunities at our academy:


Character development and self-discipline are integral to the Massanutten curriculum. So, we enroll all middle school cadets into a JROTC prerequisite called the Middle School Leadership program and, later, all high school cadets in the Army JROTC program

The JROTC program imbues cadets with lifelong leadership skills. Although based on the principles of learner-centered education, the curriculum promotes core leadership capabilities, such as communication, responsibility, citizenship, respect, and critical thinking.

The program even offers the JROTC Leadership Challenge and Academic Bowl (JLAB), a scholastic competition that instills leadership and citizenship principles while preparing students for academic success.

Sports Teams

Military School in Virginia

Sports at Massanutten provide another opportunity for cadets to develop both leadership and teamwork skills. From taking the role of captain on the soccer team to finding their place in a relay race, sports bring out character-building qualities in young men and women.

Our academy offers both individual and team sports, including football, soccer, track and field, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, and tennis. We also offer sports competitions through JROTC like the Raider Competition and Air Rifle Competitions.

Clubs & Activities

Additionally, Massanutten cadets can partake in our clubs and service organizations. These activities also offer leadership positions, where cadets can plan and organize members, events, and activities for their club. It’s another great opportunity where they can learn to marshal resources and work with others toward a common goal.

Oftentimes, leadership responsibility comes with membership in a club at Massanutten. For example, all the cadets in the yearbook club take key roles in creating a beautiful yearbook for the entire student body. From yearbook club to movie club, there’s a place for all students to find a leadership position at Massanutten.

Massanutten Military Academy: An Outstanding Military School in Virginia

Massanutten Military Academy is a top-notch military school in Virginia that offers a variety of leadership opportunities for its cadets. We provide our students with the chance to take responsibility and unlock their full potential. If you know your child would benefit from such an environment, call (540) 459-2167 today and learn more about how Massanutten can help.

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