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What Distinguishes Massanutten from Other Boarding Schools?

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At Massanutten Military Academy, we are proud to be a school that sets itself apart from others through the extraordinary programs we offer to our students. As a distinguished boarding school in Virginia, we provide a top-class education with both programs and extracurricular activities that are unique to our Academy. Moreover, we ensure guaranteed admissions and higher-acceptance rates for certain colleges for our students, all of whom dedicate themselves to academic excellence and personal achievement by the time they graduate.

Outstanding Education

Massanutten Military Academy stands apart from other boarding schools because of our unique approach to education, which involves a holistic curriculum aimed at developing our students into well-rounded individuals.

Part of this is done through creating a culture intended to embed the best values of military education, including discipline, self-reliance, teamwork, and leadership. Through this versatile approach, we seek to produce classes of future leaders and innovators.

Our academy ensures your students’ minds are broadened by effective, hands-on lessons based on building a foundation of collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking in each of our cadets. We promote this foundational development through our excellent extracurricular activities, as well as through the advanced programs and courses we provide.

International Baccalaureate Career Program

Another aspect that sets us apart from other schools is that our academy is an IB World School, offering students vigorous college-level courses that push their academic skills to the limit. Of course, our school specifically takes part in the IB Career Program, in which students learn through an international-standard curriculum, with courses focused on career-related topics.

This program provides students with the opportunity to learn and apply their knowledge to deepen their abilities in critical thinking, communication, and cross-cultural engagement. It can also lead to great opportunities in higher education, apprenticeships, and future employment.

STEM Courses

Along with participating in the IB Career Program, we are also made distinct by being a member school of Project Lead The Way, a nationally-recognized STEM program for middle and high school students.

Through this program, we are able to provide additional hands-on courses focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math that are integral for students seeking to receive higher education in those fields.

Post Graduate Education

Lastly, our academy provides our students with an option to continue to attend our post-graduate program. This involves an additional year of academic and personal preparation for the rigors of higher education and adulthood. Our post-graduate students not only attend college-level courses that will prepare them to exceed their peers in college but also provide them with additional credits.

Students will be given additional instruction to help improve their SAT and ACT test scores, increasing their chances of attending the college of their choice. Finally, they will also take on leadership roles in the Corps of Cadets, an excellent extracurricular activity for those seeking to attend a military college in the future.

Massanutten Military Academy: Top-Tier Boarding School in Virginia

At our Virginia-based boarding school, there’s nothing more distinguishing than having a high number of our students go on to higher education. We are happy to strive and ensure our students’ success across their middle, high school, and college years.

We believe that through earnest self-discipline, hard work, and collaboration, any student can learn to become not just an excellent student but a well-rounded and decent individual. Our programs, our partnerships, our school’s mission is to produce as many lifelong learners and holistically-minded people as possible. Contact us at (540) 459-2167 for more information or fill out our form and take a tour of our school.

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