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Virginia Cadets Learn Real Advertising Techniques From A Google Expert

In an effort to help our cadets have real world learning experiences, MMA’s business math class recently learned about internet marketing and online advertising from a Google expert. Cheryl Pigott, owner of BG Digital Group, a Google Partner agency, gave a presentation to cadets in Pete Stone’s business math class on how online advertising works.  It was a timely lesson as the cadets have been studying Marketing, Advertising and the costs associated with these critical business functions for the last several weeks. When asked about her presentation Coach Stone said, “Small class sizes and the opportunity to teach in a private school setting without state mandated testing means that we can spend more time discussing topics the students are interested in and we can bring in subject matter experts like business owner, Cheryl Pigott.”

The cadets talked about how they have noticed being targeted by ads online and then learned how that happens. Ms. Pigott explained how every website the students visit gives a map of their online activities that marketers can then use to advertise to them later. She spoke about demographic targeting, how budgets are determined for a business and also the components of a quality ad. The cadets also learned terminology about the different types of ads that appear online.

Massanutten Military Academy, a top co-ed military school in Virginia, is devoted to providing superior academics through experiential learning. Mr. Stone’s class were actively engaged, asked great questions about business marketing and advertising, and viewed actual budgets prepared for small businesses.  If your child would like to experience classes that give hands-on opportunities for learning, contact our admissions department today. MMA offers rolling admissions so your student can begin experiencing success today.

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