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The Importance of STEM & Project Lead the Way

Military boarding School in Virginia

In today’s world, the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are the most significant in advancing numerous fields of study and industry that will help improve and benefit the lives of millions. On the individual-level, these subjects are also highly-enjoyable for many students with a strong technical mindset. Additionally, having a great amount of experience and knowledge in STEM subjects will help students achieve in college, as well as help them decide what their field of study will be in the future.

At Massanutten Military Academy, our desire is to help facilitate a passion for lifelong learning and achievement in our students through rigorous courses in a diversity of subjects, all while helping them remain steadfast by utilizing a disciplined, focused work ethic. As a top military boarding school, we not only provide high quality education, but also an array of boarding options for students suited to living in our excellent campus atmosphere. Below, we further discuss our Academy’s commitment to STEM and our partnership with Project Lead The Way (PLTW):

What is Massanutten’s STEM Curriculum?

As previously mentioned, STEM can be important and integral to both individuals as well as the world at large. At Massanutten, we work to ensure that cadets receive an extensive amount of knowledge and experience in every subject area, especially STEM, in order for them to gain a comprehensive understanding of them earlier on.

Through our association with Project Lead the Way, we’ve developed a rigorous and engaging STEM program, with courses in each subject area. Additionally, we also ensure our cadets have a well-rounded course load by also providing related classes in the Arts & Humanities, including Music, Writing, Philosophy, Ethics, Visual Arts, and more. With both a strong foundation in STEM and rich understanding in the humanities, Massanutten ensures our students are fully-prepared for their future academic and professional careers.

This includes both our middle school and high school-level cadets. Once they’ve completed their high school education, an MMA cadet will have four years worth of STEM courses in the transcripts, which will appear favorable when going through college admissions.  Here are some courses we provide specific to each:

Middle School:

  • Introduction to STEM that includes critical thinking and Project Based Learning.

High School:

  • Biomedical
  • Engineering
  • Computer Science

What is  Project Lead the Way?

PLTW is among the most significant organizations Massanutten has ever partnered with. It is a nonprofit organization that focuses on structuring and delivering quality learning experience in STEM subjects such as computer science, engineering, biomedical science, and more.

Their goal, as is ours, is to empower teachers with the tools, resources, and skills necessary to create hands-on lessons that will help students gain technical capabilities and knowledge, as well as skills such as problem solving, critical and creative thinking, communication, and collaboration.

Our association with PLTW has allowed Massanutten to help numerous students learn skills and knowledge unique to them as cadets, as well allowing them to find their passion or interests in STEM-related fields.

Massanutten Military Academy: Elite Military Boarding School in Virginia

There are several middle and high school STEM programs throughout the various schools in Virginia and the United States, but few could ever match the distinguished military boarding school environment we at Massanutten provide, as well as our dedication to crafting a curriculum that ensures our students are fully prepared for their future academic and professional careers. Through our partnership with Project Lead the Way, we continuously strive to reach the highest standards of education and personal achievement for our cadets.

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