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The Digital Portfolio

As students are applying to colleges, there is so much that is overlooked in the actual application. Your GPA only tells a portion of the story and your entrance essay is limited to specific events in your life. The admissions officer only gets a small glimpse of what you’re capable. This where a digital portfolio comes in handy.

Now it used to be simple for applicants to show up to a campus and hand the admission officers a physical copy of their high school portfolio, but now most of the application process is handled onlin. Some students can only visit the campus for an initial visit. So making your portfolio digital makes the most sense. There are many free website builders that you can use to create your portfolio. Through the free versions of Wix, Weebly, or Google Sites your portfolio will not be published to search engines, but will be accessible through a personaized URL.

What should you include on your digital portfolio? First, put any accolades you have amassed (academic awards, athletic letters, rank, etc.). Then add assignments that showcase your skills (English reports, technological creations, CAD drawings, etc.). Finally, add any community service and extracurricular activities you were involved in. The only thing left after that is to add your URL to your application.

For more ideas, keep checking Colonel’s Cadence, Massanutten Military Academy’s premier blog.

Student creating digital portfolio

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