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The Class of 2019 Recognized with Awards and Scholarships

What a year for the MMA! As we close out the school year and send off our graduating seniors to their next journeys, there is a lot of recognition to go around. Congrats to all MMA cadets and especially the Class of 2019! Their hard work, determination, and tenacity throughout their time at MMA was certainly noticed by staff and faculty here at our school, as well as the staff and admissions boards of universities and colleges across the nation!

We are pleased to announce two students whose drive and push for academic excellence while here on campus set them apart. This year’s Valedictorian is Cadet Lillian Herring and the Salutatorian is Cadet Stephan Nesmith. In addition to those academic awards, we also recognize many cadets for their commitment and service to MMA and embodiment of our core values and mission.

The Howard J. Benchoff Award honors the memory of the Academy’s beloved headmaster from 1905 to 1955.  It is presented to the senior who best exemplifies the qualities of a lady or a gentleman.  It was awarded to Cadet Min Cao.

The Major Carroll R. Beahm, Jr., Award is presented to a senior whose qualities of Courage, Purity, and Industry epitomize the values for which the Academy stands.  It was awarded to Cadet Yuan Chen.

The Senior McCauley Award, given in memory of Colonel A. H. McCauley, recognizes a graduating cadet’s outstanding moral character, truthfulness, courage, unselfishness, conscientious and promising academic work, and fondness for and success in sports.  It was awarded to Cadet Stephan Nesmith.

The Junior McCauley Award is given to a junior who has displayed high moral character, truthfulness, courage, unselfishness, conscientious and promising academic work and a fondness for and success in sports.   It was awarded to Cadet Ryan Hall.

The Bushnell Cup, in memory of the Rev. Dr. John E. Bushnell and Annie Terrill Bushnell, is presented to a senior for outstanding leadership in the Corps, loyalty to the Academy, and commitment to fellow cadets.  It was awarded to Cadet Molly Fitzgerald.

The Bugle Award is awarded to the “best cadet leader” who has shown exemplary commitment to Massanutten Military Academy.   It was awarded to Cadet Lillian Herring.

Beyond our campus borders, the graduating seniors caught the attention of academic institutions all over the map! Together our cadets earned a total of $2, 454, 955 in scholarships. In addition to the countless scholarships received by our cadets, there are many awards we present to the seniors here at MMA.

Our cadets have received the following scholarships: Virginia Tech ROTC Scholarship, Academic Scholarship at Maine Maritime Academy, Appalachian State University ROTC Scholarship, Rifle Team Scholarship and Civilian Marksmanship Program Award at Georgia Southern University, Scholarship to Quinnipiac University, Scholarship to Wentworth University, Scholarship to Southern Virginia University, Merit Based Scholarship at Shenandoah University, Scholarship to West Virginia University, Football Scholarship to Hampden-Sydney University, Scholarship to Washington State University, Dean’s Award Scholarship to Norwich University, Presidential Award to Flagler College, Academic Scholarship to the Naval Academy, Scholarship to Louisiana State University, and Scholarship to University of North Carolina Greensboro.

In addition to the scholarships and awards noted above, this year’s senior class has been accepted into 65 plus colleges, universities, and trade schools.

At MMA, our cadets are provided with a superior academic experience that will not only set them up for success while they are on campus in class with us, but beyond as they head into their next academic endeavors and career pursuits. Learn more about MMA’s curriculum and commitment to collegiate preparedness here.

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