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The Bottom Line

Are students enrolled at Massanutten Military Academy here to get into a good college, reform their behavior, get ahead in their studies, experience a structured environment, launch their military career, …? More than likely, yes. But why? What is your responsibility as a parent? What is their responsibility as a budding citizen of the United States? What do you owe them? What do they owe themselves?

The bottom line is, we want our children to lead happy and successful lives. We know that all children are different, and their learning needs are different as well. If I were to get into all of the reasons why I think sending your child to MMA is one of the best decisions you can do as a parent, it would include all of the things I have discovered after starting teaching here. This includes more individualized attention, more structure, less opportunity to get into trouble, less opportunity to waste their lives playing video games, participating in social media, doing drugs, etcetera, and developing lasting positive relationships. Once you enroll your child here, you have covered all of that. But does that necessarily lead to success and happiness? Maybe not immediately or even completely, but I think it helps tremendously as that stepping stone. Your child is now entering adulthood with an advantage. I think we should capitalize on this!

Does the word “college” come to mind when you think about your hopes for your child? Good! I have recently been researching the higher paying, more abundant, educationally accessible, and sustainable careers out there and how to reach them. Often times when we recommend majors to our children, it includes things like business management and marketing. Unless they have a specific career in mind, like a medical doctor, psychiatrist, or professor, we tell them to stay away from majors like biology, English, history, psychology, and philosophy. But for the rest of the students, this is the advice typically given.

Not so fast, now! With the growing concern of our planet and “going green”, biology is a great choice for those students who have a passion for the outdoors, humankind, and the inter-workings of the natural world! Yes, this may entail receiving a master’s degree, but in today’s world, it is a recommended that all who want to be in upper middle class bracket or above receive a master’s degree due to the prolific amount of people with bachelor’s degrees out there. AND, they are bringing in average salaries of more than $136,000. This is huge step in the right direction toward leading happy and successful lives.

If you would like more information about successful majors, click here. For more information on Massanutten Military Academy, please click here. For those students and cadets who are interested, please see the recommendations below.

You can demonstrate an early commitment to a career in biology by:

  • Participating in organizations such as the Student Conservation Association;
  • Volunteering at your local or state park, wildlife refuge or zoo;
  • Enrolling in advanced placement physics, chemistry, earth science, economics, math, and engineering courses;
  • Attending community workshops on zoology or botany;
  • Joining a debate team or participating in your local Toastmasters chapter;
  • Writing articles for your school newspaper or another community publication;
  • Improving your photography skills, especially in the wild;
  • Expanding your computer literacy to include experience with programming languages.

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