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Test Review Can Be a Kahoot!

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Mid-terms are right around the corner here at Massanutten Military Academy and educators and students alike can understand how tedious going over material you’ve thoroughly covered throughout the semester can be. But it doesn’t have to be. All you need is Kahoot!.

Kahoot! is a tool that can change any review into a game. As a teacher, you can create a free account and then create a bank of review questions for each class. To my knowledge there is not a limit on how many quizzes you can create. However, you do need a projector in your room in order to run the game. The way Kahoot! is set up only the teacher’s account will show the question and answer choices. When students log in to play, they will see only answer options. This allows for teachers to keep the whole class on the same question, making review easier if students struggled with that concept.

In the initial set-up, you can also set how long each question will be shown, but if all of your students answer the question before the timer has run down the clock automatically stops which cuts down on the “hurry up and wait” dilema with many computer review systems. It also updates the leader board after each question which helps keep the competition interesting.

When you are in class, your students will have to enter a name to play by. I always warned mine that if they didn’t use their real name they wouldn’t get any points for participating. Also make sure to let your students know that you are awarded points in this game based on two criteria: 1. You answer correctly 2. You answer quickly.

I have used Kahoot! for both students and adults and it was an absolute blast! I highly recommend you try it.

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