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Take Advantage of MMA’s Summer School S.T.A.R. Program Fun Week

With Massanutten’s Summer School S.T.A.R. programs, we combine having a productive summer and a fun summer into one. Our Summer School S.T.A.R. programs is a flexible academic program with two sessions to repeat and/or reinforce learning on up to two courses in a five week time. The fun week breaks up the two sessions to allow attendees to reach for the stars and have a great time while doing so. You can choose to attend one summer school session with the fun week or attend two summer school sessions with the fun week.

Many summer programs that have an academic or educational emphasis primarily happen between the confines of the classroom’s four walls. At MMA, we believe that learning and fun can happen in tandem and often times for that to work, getting out of the classroom is key. By coming up with a balance of one week “off” within the five-week program, we have found this balance serves both purposes very well. It allows students to relax, let loose, and enjoy themselves without too much time being pulled away from their studies. Every year the plan of festivities vary, but often the activities have a tie into the curriculum, which further helps to reinforce the concepts being taught.

So what kind of fun can cadets who attend MMA’s Summer S.T.A.R. programs expect to partake in? Each year is different, but students can expect to spend time outside, head off campus, and let out some steam through adventures that require physical activity. Examples of past events include:

· Fields trips to museums in Washington, DC to learn more about our nation’s history, influential leaders, and military traditions that date back to the early days of our country.

· A fly-fishing trip with a professional guide to experience the great outdoors and learn key skills and aspects of fishing.

· Whitewater rafting trip to get hearts pumping and finish out summer on an adventurous note!

· Campus activities

· Hiking and swimming

At MMA we know that playing games, going on adventures, having fun, and laughing are key parts of the development for students. Incorporating some lighter, fun activities within the structured curriculum and programming actually promotes learning and success within the classroom. Get the best of both worlds this summer with our Summer School S.T.A.R. Programs! Learn more or apply today here.

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