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Massanutten Military Academy

The next registration date for the 2020-2021 School Year is November 2nd! Contact the Admissions Team today to register your child.

Sarah Treese

Meet Sarah Treese, our Engineering and Anatomy and Physiology teacher and Athletic Trainer. With a hands-on approach, Ms. Treese applies a unique teaching style to her classroom and encourages her students to think outside the box at all times. She provides an atmosphere in which her students can learn and thrive inside her class while…

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Cadets playing basketball

Is your child heading off to college in the fall but you’re worried they may not be ready? Massanutten Military Academy offers a unique experience for college-bound graduates that may not be prepared for the demands and independence of college. If you feel that your child could benefit from an additional year of coursework to…

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Lori Campbell

Whether your child is already a cadet at Massanutten Military Academy or you’re strongly considering our school as an option, it’s important to know the faculty who will influence your child’s future and interact with them on a daily basis. This year, we’re giving parents of potential and current cadets a more in-depth look at…

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JROTC program

Wow, what a year 2016 was for Massanutten Military Academy! Last year, we grew and expanded in leaps and bounds, developing programs and helping them to flourish. As we reflect back on the year, we see many successes that would not have been made possible without the support of our donors for which we are…

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Each military boarding school has a unique way of operating in order to promote the success of its cadets and prepare them for the future. At MMA, we focus on removing common outside distractions, strengthening leadership skills, and boosting cadets’ confidence. Hear our cadet’s story of transferring from a different military academy and why he…

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Female Cadet

Proudly one of only 16 co-ed military boarding schools in the country, Massanutten Military Academy is dedicated to overcoming stereotypes typically associated with military schools and breaking the status quo. At MMA, we see military boarding school as a necessary tool to any one’s success, regardless of gender. There are many benefits of young women…

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MMA Football

Massanutten Military Academy is a place for academics, sports, enrichment, tradition and fun! That’s right, while our mission is to prepare students for success through a structured, superior educational experience we still let loose and plan activities for our cadets to ensure they have a memorable experience at school. Here’s a look at how our…

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Cadets achieving success

Senior year of high school is usually a fun-filled time for students. Between football games, dances, and one last year to make fond memories with classmates, students typically spend their last year in high school enjoying themselves. However, recently there has been a shift in attitudes among 12th grade students. As the college admissions process…

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Each year many schools have Homecoming celebrations in which they invite alumni to return to their alma mater to relive the glory days, share stories of their years in attendance, and see what the school has become. September 30th – October 1st, Massanutten Military Academy hosted it’s annual Homecoming celebrations with many events for current…

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Female Cadets

Many things set Massanutten Military Academy apart from other schools, from discipline to education. One unique factor that Massanutten can offer you or your child is the aspect of diversity. While many schools claim they are “diverse”, MMA stands by that declaration. A Culturally Diverse Learning Environment MMA hails students from around the country, and…

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