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Cadets Experiencing Hands-On Science Lessons

Middle Schoolers testing for organic compounds

Last week in life science, the middle schoolers reinforced their knowledge of organic compounds by using iodine to detect the presence of starch in various foods.  From apples to crackers, they were able to visually see the presence of starch by placing drops of iodine directly onto these foods and making notes of the color…

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MMA Middle School Program

Middle School Science

MMA’s Middle School Program is full of exciting opportunities for our young cadets. The program specializes in grades 6-8 and allows cadets to have a wide range of academic and cadet life experiences. The middle school academic program consists of art, band, English, foreign language, leadership, mathematics, physical education, science, and STEM. Cadets have a…

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Why Military School?

Cadets walking

There is a common misconception about military school. It is not a boot camp. It is not a detention center for students unable to make it in public school. It is not preparation for a career in the military. In actuality, military school is the same as any other school, but it is better. It…

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Cybersecurity / Coding Camp

CyberSecurity Camp

Summer programs are a vital aspect in allowing young people the opportunity to grow and develop in their academic success. Students can use their summer break to delve deeper into specific subjects that interest them without a year long commitment. Our summer programs also allow students to grow through hands-on experiences. This year, Massanutten Military…

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Boarding School vs. Non-Boarding School | Which is right for your child?

Boarding school

Choosing the right path for your child’s education can be difficult. However, a boarding school offers unique and individualized benefits ranging from preparing your child for university life to forming lasting friendships and incomparable leadership skills. Here is a more in-depth look at the many opportunities available to cadets at Massanutten Military Academy, a boarding…

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