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Structure and Motivation Are Important For Student Success: Find Both at MMA

Is your child struggling to stay focused in school? Are you having a hard time motivating your child to reach his or her fullest potential? Some parents worry that military school is not the best fit for their child and that worry may be steering you away from choosing Massanutten Military Academy. Now, you can rest assured knowing we offer a non-military option for parents seeking a structured and motivated environment where their child can thrive.

Student success in school

Our non-military option gives students the opportunity to learn in a setting that is solely dedicated to their success with minimal distractions unlike what they might experience in a public school setting. Massanutten Military Academy provides a superior education, instills the importance of a daily routine, and sets students up for success in the future.

Another non-military program offered here at Massanutten Military Academy is the English for Academics Program (EAP). This is a non-military program that gives international students the opportunity to learn in a comfortable environment, giving them time to adjust to a new culture and learn the English language. The program includes classes such as Reading, Writing, and Grammar with the balance focusing on academics such as Math and American Culture. Alongside their intensive English instruction, EAP students are provided with opportunities to be involved in sports, extracurricular programs and other campus activities. This program is offered to high school students (grades 9-12) with a Post-Graduate option as our program further helps these students prepare for college in the coming years.

Non-military and EAP students, while held to the same high standards as our military cadets, are afforded a more relaxed environment. Their uniform is a simple polo over khakis and their living situation varies slightly; however, our non-military students will still benefit from our structured atmosphere while learning practices that will be helpful throughout their lives.

Help your child succeed and choose a structured environment for your child’s education by enrolling your student in our non-military option. To learn more about our non-military option or the English for Academics Program, contact the Admissions Department or visit us online at militaryschool.com.

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