Captain's Club

The Captain's Club, is an elite group of Alumi who have been so very gracious as to contribute $1000 a year to Massanutten Military Academy.  This monetary contribution comes out to a small fee of only $83.33 a month.

For your convenience, we have provided a form at the bottom of the page with various payment options.  If choosing the credit card option the amount of $83.33 will be automatically deducted from your account. Simply fill out the form and return with your tax deductible donation and become a member of this prestigious club today!

The Captain's Club is not the only club where you can contribute to MMA.  Also available is the 1st Lieutenant's Club that includes a monthly donation of $41.67. This club is also offered as a monthly credit card deduction for your convenience.

MMA Club Choices

$1 - $249 - Sergeant's Club
$250 - $499 - 2nd Lieutenant's Club
$500 - $999 - 1st Lieutenant's Club
$1000 - $2499 - Captain's Club
$2500 - $4999 - Major's Club
$5000 - $9999 - LTC Club
$10,000 + - Colonel's Club

For more giving options contact:
Massanutten Military Academy is a co-ed non-profit boarding and day school for grades 612.