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The Importance of Military School for Your Daughter

Massanutten Military Academy is proud to be one of the only 16 co-ed military schools in the country. Military academies are beneficial for young women who want to break the status quo and overcome stereotypes typically associated with a military boarding school. Sending your daughter to Massanutten Military Academy ensures that she will be provided with a quality education while learning critical leadership skills useful for everyday life. Prepare your daughter not only for academic growth but also a lifetime of success.


Leadership is a quality that Massanutten instills into every cadet that steps foot onto our campus. One of our goals as an institution is building up our cadets into strong leaders. There is so much potential in young women today and using military disciplines, we can sharpen our cadets into effective leaders with a passion for making a difference. Massanutten offers a number of opportunities for leadership that other schools, both public and private, do not offer. The young women on our campus seamlessly transition into our regimen and unlock these qualities within themselves.


Since 1972, Massanutten has opened its dorms to women from all over the world. But today’s young women are faced with many more challenges than they once were. More and more young girls are struggling with low self-esteem which impacts their overall happiness and can have a negative effect on their physical health. In a world where girls are ridiculed more regularly and held to impossible standards, Massanutten Military Academy has set a mission to build up our female cadets. Attending a military school like Massanutten helps girls focus on the important things in life: their education, self-worth and their future.

Self Esteem

If there is anything that military schools teach young people, it’s the value of independence, self-reliance and discipline. While battalion commanders, commandants, and other faculty members hold you accountable, ultimately, our cadets are responsible for themselves. Sending your daughter to military school will help her grow as an individual capable of taking care of herself.
Choosing Massanutten Military Academy has a lasting impact on your daughters’ life. You will help shape her future by strengthening her core values, building character and ensuring success in her education and life. 
Since attending MMA my daughter has flourish in a positive way, her self-esteem, her grades, her sense of responsibility is at an entire new level. The school focuses 100% on the student academic, leadership skills and responsibilities. The staff starting from the Janitor to highest in command treats all the students like one big family.  She is my only child so it was a hard decision to make, but knowing such great professionals surround her I feel confident that she is in a safe environment.

- Carmen Vasquez
Massanutten Military Academy is a co-ed non-profit boarding and day school for grades 612.