Cadet Life

Boarding at MMA

The female cadets are housed on a separate part of campus in Warehime Dormitory. The building is on the North Side of Campus and is open only to residents of Warehime. Each room is occupied by two cadets and has a private sink. To contact the TAC Officers on duty in the female dormitory, please use the following information:

Alpha Company:
Sara Collier, Senior TAC Officer: 540-325-3710
Warehime TAC Officer Duty Phone: 540-325-4633
Warehime Dormitory Direct Line: 540-459-0468

The male cadets are housed in either Benchoff Hall, Harrison Hall, or Lantz Hall. These three buildings make up the majority of our campus, and are located on the historic registry. To contact the TAC Officers on duty in the male dormitory, please use the following information:

Bravo Company:
Justin Elshafie, Senior TAC Officer
TAC Officer Duty Phone: 540-325-8799

Health Services

The infirmary at Massanutten Military Academy is located on campus and there is a Nurse on call 24 hours a day.  Our nursing staff lives on campus or in town and can react within minutes for any medical emergency.  Shenandoah Memorial Hospital is within walking distance from the school. Should you have any questions regarding the infirmary, please feel free to contact our Head Nurse.

Head Nurse
Danjiela Vasic

Infirmary Hours
Monday - Friday: 0600-2200
Saturday - Sunday: 1000-1800
I needed FOCUS at the age of 14. MMA helped give me the confidence I needed to make it in the world.

- Eric Gebhardt
Massanutten Military Academy is a co-ed non-profit boarding and day school for grades 612.