Academic Support

Academic Coaching

The daily schedule allows for an Academic Coaching Period on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3:25 - 4:00. This period is designed for students who need help in a class or who are behind on their work to meet with their teachers and get back on track.

ESP (Evening Study Period)

After returning from Mess III, students attend Evening Study Period, or ESP. This time period is specifically set aside for students to work on their homework and class projects. This takes place in the dorms and is supervised by the Dorm Supervisors.


If you are struggling with an assignment or a whole course, you have the opportunity to seek individual help from faculty throughout the day and during designated times on the daily schedule.

If you feel you need more commitment to individual academic assistance, we do have tutoring services available:

  • Tutoring by National Honor Society (NHS) students is available at no cost. Please contact Dean Kim Post to schedule an appointment.
  • Individual tutoring by our Faculty is available for $30 per hour.
  • Tutoring will take place in the evening and/or weekend.
  • Tutoring is not offered during the regularly scheduled class day.
To make arrangements, please contact or call 540-459-0430.

Transcript Requests

If you need to request a transcript to be sent to an employer or institute of higher learning, please fill out our Request a Transcript Form. The fee for transcripts is $10 which must be paid prior to the release of information. Please note that official transcripts must be sent directly to an employer or institute of higher learning, not a personal address.

College Affiliations

Elmhurst College
Lord Fairfax Community College
Norwich University
Susquehanna University
It's no secret that MMA changed my life, my mindset and my attitude. I'm forever grateful for the time spent and lessons learned at MMA.

-Frank Campbell
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