About Us

Mission & Values

Our Mission Statement

Massanutten Military Academy’s mission is to prepare cadets for their success by delivering a structured and superior educational experience. Our unique approach involves an environment built on collaboration, critical thinking, and innovation.

Our Motto

Non Nobis Solum
(Not For Ourselves Alone)

Our Core Values


It takes courage to try new things, courage to reach your full potential, and courage to step out of your comfort zone. Massanutten offers students a unique opportunity for students to push their limits and develop their strengths. 


Our students are encouraged to look at the world through a lense of purity and clarity. Our students leave our walls and enter into the world ready to think critically and make their mark with open minds.


We help students push themselves both academically and physically. Academically, students are expected to complete a core curriculum that prepares them to be successful in the Information Age and for further study at the college level. Physically, cadets participate in competitive sports and gain a lifelong appreciation for wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

MMA Pillars


We seek to instill in cadets a high sense of morality and ethics with emphasis on integrity, discipline, leadership, honor, respect, and consideration for the rights of others.


We help cadets develop into effective leaders who treat others with kindness, courtesy, dignity, and respect; lead by example; and enforce the rules in a firm, fair, and consistent manner.


We have created an atmosphere of truth and honesty and help teach students a lifelong appreciation and understanding of these values.


Our motto, “Non Nobis Solum,” means “Not for Ourselves Alone.” Through community involvement, we strive to teach cadets the meaning of this.
[MMA] changed my life for the better and gave me the skills I needed to succeed in college...

-Henry Briggs
Massanutten Military Academy is a co-ed non-profit boarding and day school for grades 612.