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Letter from the Head

Dear Students, Parents and Families,
I’m happy to welcome you to Massanutten Military Academy!
MMA has been a hallmark of quality and progressive education and leadership excellence in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia for over 117 years. Parents often wonder why they should choose a military school education over that of a public school or non-military school for their child  Quite simply, today’s military schools are filled with high quality, academically and behaviorally superior students who embrace the military structure included because it provides a routine which allows for an efficient framework for school life. Cadets are less distracted and enjoy more time to devote to the innovative learning and leadership opportunities available in military schools that public and other private schools do not offer.
Massanutten Military Academy is a highly competitive academic showplace with a rigorous curriculum and a faculty that has the freedom to individualize and accelerate instruction. This helps us draw high level students away from traditional public and private schools. The structure and character building that cadets experience outside of the classroom are integral to making what they learn long lasting. Our Teachers spend their time on instruction and planning rather than addressing unruly students.
21 century skills experienced and learned at MMA include items such as: critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning, synthesizing information, artistry, innovation, personal expression,
Self-discipline, adaptability, initiative, civic, ethical, and social-justice literacy, economic and financial literacy, entrepreneurialism, global awareness, multicultural literacy, scientific literacy and reasoning, the scientific method and a variety of others.  We strive to take a student “where they are” (academically, behaviorally, and physically) and move them forward as much as possible. Individualized interventions are tied to the cadet’s own ability level rather than forcing all cadets to meet reaches a fabricated success.
Many of our cadets graduate with scholarship offers from, and acceptances to, multiple colleges and universities easing the financial burden on the family. However, not all families see college as their goal. For those cadets we work with the family to design a program for success however they define it.
Parental involvement is critical for the success of MMA cadets. To help facilitate parental involvement parents are encouraged to join our Parent Advisory Council (PAC). The PAC meets several times during the school year and along with emails, website and social media postings helps both keep parents current on what is happening and upcoming at the Academy, and as a conduit for parents suggestions and concerns to be heard and acted upon by the administration. Parents are also provided with a parent handbook and access to their cadet’s academic and behavioral progress online.
Typically, our graduates do not seek out military service, preferring instead to join the business world as entrepreneurs or working to become high level executives in the marketplace.  Those who do select the military life end up serving with distinction in whichever military service they choose. The chance for one to learn the skills needed to acquire a high level of success in life is what is offered at Massanutten Military Academy.
The best way to experience MMA is on a cadet led campus tour. Arranging a tour is as easy as contacting our admissions office or attending one of our many opens houses held throughout the year. During a tour parents and their children can observe our facilities, interview our staff and cadets and decide for themselves if MMA is the place to make the difference in their child’s life.  Our motto says it all “Non Nobis Solum” or, Not for Ourselves Alone.  MMA is here to meet the needs of children so that they will be the best they can be for our collective future.
Dr. David A. Skipper
Head of School
Massanutten Military Academy
Massanutten Military Academy is a co-ed non-profit boarding and day school for grades 612.